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Electronic Change of Program/Plan Form (Major/Minor Changes)

College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (CASSH) Student Advising Resources

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If your first major is in the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities or you are changing your first major to a major in the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities, complete and submit the online change of program/plan form. 


  • The CASSH Core identifies the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. The Bachelor of Arts degree requires students to study a second language through the 102-level or higher. Students may select from one of three tracks for the Bachelor of Arts degree. The Bachelor of Science degree requires students to study a lab science course in addition to the General Education-Natural Lab Science requirement. In addition, both the BA and BS degrees require students to complete additional course work in the social sciences, humanities, and fine arts. 
  • Students majoring in English (Writing and Rhetoric or Literary and Cultural Studies emphases), French, German Studies, or Spanish must earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. 
  • Students majoring in English-Medical Professions emphasis may earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. 
  • All teacher education majors earn a Bachelor of Science degree and follow the requirements specified by the School of Education. 
  • Students majoring in any other CASSH major may earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.  

The undergraduate catalog identifies the specific requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree tracks and the Bachelor of Science degree. Courses used to satisfy minimum General Education requirements, except GE02-list 2 language, may not double count with Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Core requirements. 

I think I am ready to graduate soon, what do I do? 

  • The semester prior to graduating you should apply to graduate in your WINGS student center. It is located in the same drop-down menu as your Academic Requirements (AR) report). 
  • Before classes begin every semester the Academic Services Directors (ASD) in the Dean's office complete a credit check of all students who have applied to graduate. If they find that you have not registered for the right courses or lack sufficient credits to graduate they will contact you via email. Hopefully you will be able to alter your schedule in time for classes to begin. 
  • You may also contact the Dean's office (138 Wimberly Hall, 785-5454) and ask them to perform a credit check. They will let you know if you are on track. 
  • At any time in your career at UWL if you have any questions regarding degree completing contact the Dean's Office (138 Wimberly Hall, 785-5454). While your faculty advisor can also check your status, the Academic Service Directors in the Dean's office are the folks who will complete your official degree verification when you are all done with your coursework.  

Can I participate in the May/December commencement ceremony if I am a summer/Winter degree candidate graduate? 

  • Yes.  If you are a Winter Intercession degree candidate, you may participate in the December commencement ceremony and if you are a Summer degree candidate you may participate in the May commencement ceremony. 
  • General information about commencement can be found here. 

Please fill out the online form below.  Be prepared to include details about the course(s) you are seeking to take (name of college, Course name and number).  For questions please email Britta Osborne ( or Pete Stovall (

Off-Campus Course Evaluation form  

Students must maintain a minimum academic standard in order to continue at UWL. Based on grades earned at UW-La Crosse, a student will be assigned a Good Standing, Warning, Probation, or Suspension status. These standards are defined in the  UWL Undergraduate Catalog  It is possible for a first semester student or for a student never before on Probation to be declared Suspended!

If you are suspended at the end of the semester, you have the right to appeal the decision.  

Appealing Your “Suspension” Status

If you are registered for the fall semester, submit your suspension appeal no later than June 2nd by 4:00 PM to save your schedule if you are readmitted by the Dean’s Office.

A student with a status of "Suspension" may write a letter addressed to the members of the College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities Dean’s Office to appeal their status. To write a letter of appeal, please follow the guidelines below.

  • Letters of appeal should be no more than one page in length and address the following questions:
    • What factors beyond your control contributed to your poor academic performance?
    • What specific steps will you take to improve your performance this coming semester?
    • What major and/or academic program do you intend to pursue?
  • Letters should be sent as soon as possible to Britta Osborne (  from your UWL email account (preferred).

If the members of the Dean’s office approve your appeal, you will be readmitted to the University and your academic standing will be changed to “Probation II.”

If the members of the Dean’s office deny your appeal, you have the right to bring your original appeal before the Committee for Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS). This faculty committee will hear appeals made in-person by students on Wednesday, August 30th in the Faculty Senate Chambers (325 Graff Main Hall). This is the final level of appeal. If CAPS denies the appeal, you will remain “Suspended” and will be eligible to apply for readmission after your suspension period has ended.

Please be aware of two critical dates regarding letters of appeal:

Friday, June 2nd, 2023 Class schedule will be saved if you submit an appeal letter and are readmitted by the members of the Dean’s office by this date.

Friday, August 25th,  2023: Last day to appeal and be able to have the appeal heard by the CAPS committee if denied by CASSH Dean's office (CAPS meets on Wednesday, August 30th)

Friday, September 1st, 2023: This is the last day to submit a letter of appeal to be considered for readmission for the Spring 2023 semester. 

Any questions or concerns regarding academic eligibility and/or the appeals process should be directed to the College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities Academic Services Office at (608)-785-5454.

Welcome to UWL! We create a transfer student page just for new CASSH students. You can go to it here

How and when can I drop a course? 

  • You need to refer to the "Important Dates and Deadlines" web page. If you want to drop or add a course within the first week of the semester you can do it via WINGS - no signatures are required. To add a course during the second week of classes you need the instructor's permission. You can drop a course up to one week after the midterm. You can drop a class via WINGS (no signature required) up to the tenth day of classes. If you drop after the tenth day there will be a "W" on your transcript. You will need the instructor's permission to withdraw after the 10th day.
  • To add a course after the first week you need permission from the instructor, the chair of the department your course is offered from, and the Academic Services Director.  
  • For adds and drops pay attention to financial considerations. Will dropping a course bring you below 12 credits? Will adding a course put you above 18? Contact the Financial Aid office if you have questions about your aid. 
  • Depending on when you drop a course you may still have to pay partially or fully for the credits. See the "Important Dates and Deadlines" web page for details. Also, check with financial aid because it could affect your financial aid package. 

How do I add a course? 

  • If it is within the first week of the semester you can do it from WINGS. During the second week instructors can give you permission to add a course through WINGS.  After the second week you need the instructor and Chair's signature. Add/Drop forms can be found at 138 Wimberly Hall. Turn in the form at Records and Registration (117 Graff Main Hall) 

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