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College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities (CASSH)


Questions about advising? Contact us!

We offer appointments in-person, via video, phone, or email, Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Please contact Britta Osborne (; 608-785-8123) to set up an appointment. 

How do I...

Declare or change my major/minor/certificate?

Use the UWL Major/Program Declaration or Change Form to declare or change your major/minor/certificate.

If you're declaring a BA track, please list this in the "Track" box located under the "major" option. See the screenshot below for an example. 

Image shows a screenshot of the "Track/Emphasis/Concentration" form area for selecting a BA track.

Choose a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree?

The General Education program ensures that you are knowledgeable in a wide variety of subject matter areas. When you choose a BA or BS, you are deepening your competencies according to your interests.

  • The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree is a good choice if you prefer to take additional laboratory science and social science courses.
  • The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is a good choice if you prefer to take a modern language through the 102 level or higher and humanities or fine arts courses.

Students majoring in English (Writing and Rhetoric or Literary and Cultural Studies emphases), French, German Studies, or Spanish must earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. All teacher education majors earn a Bachelor of Science degree and follow the requirements specified by the School of Education.

The BS and BA degree requirements (including approved courses) are explained in this handout and in the undergraduate catalog.

See what courses count for the CASSH core?

These are the approved courses for the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science categories of Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Diversity. The list is updated yearly.

For rare exceptions, please contact Britta Osborne, CASSH Academic Services Director.

Create my own minor?

You can declare the CASSH/VPA Individualized Minor Option to fulfill the College’s requirement that you complete a minor or second major.

You must complete 18 credits in two or more departments or programs (at least 12 credits earned at the 300/400 level). These courses can be from any college but must be outside your major department.

Additional questions? Please email Britta Osborne (

Add or drop a class?

How and when can I add or drop a course?

You can add and drop courses through the first five days of classes for full semester Fall/Spring courses via your WINGS account. See the "Important Dates and Deadlines" web page for details, especially for limits during the Summer/Winter semesters.

From the sixth day through the tenth day of classes for full semester Fall/Spring courses, permission from the instructor is required to add. You may still drop a course on your own via WINGS.

After the tenth day of classes, course additions are unusual and require instructor, department chair, and Academic Services Director permission. If the instructor agrees to the add, they will initiate the email chain approval process.

From the eleventh day of classes until two weeks beyond the mid-term of a full semester course, a student may withdraw from a course with instructor or advisor permission. What is the difference between “dropping” a course and “withdrawing” from a course?

How does adding/dropping a course impact the cost of my education?

  • For adds and drops, please pay attention to financial considerations. Will dropping a course bring you below 12 credits? Will adding a course put you above 18 credits? 
  • Depending on when you drop a course you may still have to pay partially or fully for the credits. See the Records & Registration "Dates and Deadlines" page for details. 
  • Contact the Financial Aid Office for details about how adding/dropping might affect your aid. 
Get credit for a course at a different institution?

Please fill out the Off-Campus Course Evaluation form. Be prepared to include details about the course(s) you are seeking to take (name of college, course name, and number). 

Additional questions? Please email Britta Osborne (


Get department-specific advising?
Apply to graduate?

At least two semesters prior to graduating: You should apply to graduate in your WINGS "Student Center". This is located in the same drop-down menu as your Academic Requirements (AR) report. 

Before classes begin every semester the Academic Services Director (ASD) in the Dean's office completes a credit check of all students who have applied to graduate. If they find that you have not registered for the right courses or lack sufficient credits to graduate they will contact you via email.

At any time in your career at UWL, if you have any questions regarding degree completion, please contact the Dean's Academic Services Office (137 Wimberly Hall, 785-8123). While your faculty advisor can also check your status, the Academic Service Director in the Dean's office is the person who will complete your official degree verification when you are finished with your coursework.  

Graduation ceremony information:

Information for...

Suspended students

Students must maintain a minimum academic standard in order to continue at UWL. Based on grades earned at UW-La Crosse, a student will be assigned a Good Standing, Warning, Probation, or Suspension status. These standards are defined in the UWL Catalog in the Academic Eligibility section.

It is possible for a first semester student or for a student never on Probation to be declared Suspended!

If you are suspended, you have the right to appeal the decision.

You may appeal for immediate re-admission and preserve your future enrollment by paying attention to deadlines (see below).

Appealing Your Suspension Status

A student with a status of “Suspension” may write an appeal letter to the members of a College/School Dean's Appeals Committee. The letter should be sent to the college or school of their intended major. Please follow the guidelines below.

  • Letters of appeal should be no more than one page in length and address the following questions:
    • What contributed to your poor academic performance?
    • What specific steps will you take to improve your performance this coming semester?
    • What major and/or academic program do you intend to pursue?
  • Letters should be sent as soon as possible to the Academic Service Director of your intended major’s college (see email address below) with the subject line “Academic Suspension Appeal”. Please use your email if possible.
  • Letters must include a current phone number and email address.
  • View a sample letter format

If the members of the Dean’s Committee approve your appeal, you will be re-admitted to the University and your academic standing will be changed to “Probation.”

If the members of the Dean’s Committee deny your appeal, you have the right to bring your original appeal before the university Committee for Academic Policies and Standards (CAPS). This faculty committee will hear appeals made in-person in the Faculty Senate Chambers (325 Graff Main Hall) on the Wednesday before the Spring and Fall

semester. This is the final level of appeal. If CAPS denies the appeal, you will remain “Suspended” and will be eligible to apply for re-admission to a future term.

Deadlines for Re-admission After Academic Suspension (University dates and deadlines)

  • Re-admission with future schedule saved:
    • Monday at 9:00AM, two weeks after the Spring/Fall Grades Due deadline. The grades due deadline is also the date that should appear on your official suspension letter. Your future class schedule will be saved if you submit an appeal letter and are re-admitted by the members of the Dean’s Committee on this day.
  • Re-admission without schedule saved:
    • Monday at 9:00AM, the week before the Spring/Fall semester: This is the last day to submit a letter of appeal to be considered for re-admission, including for appeals that go before CAPS. Colleges may choose to accept a late appeal at their discretion. Class availability is limited due to current student enrollment.
  • The preferred deadline for appeals allows students the best opportunity to register for appropriate courses alongside current students. Class availability is greatest when you appeal by these dates:
    • Spring re-admission by October 15
    • Fall re-admission by February 15

Any questions or concerns regarding academic eligibility and/or the appeals process should be directed to the College Academic Services Offices.

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities

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Transfer Students

Welcome to UWL! Please check out the Transfer Students page for more information.