Consortium agreements

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  • Consortium agreement requests from UWL students pursuing coursework at the following institutions will be considered: all University of Wisconsin System and Wisconsin Technical College System institutions, Viterbo University, and Winona State University.
  • Consortium agreements are limited to coursework and credits that meet the student's degree requirements.
  • Students must complete the UWL consortium agreement form; the form must be signed by the student's academic advisor or a representative from the Dean's Office of the appropriate college approving the course(s).
  • Consortium agreements will be considered for the summer session, fall semester, winter session, and spring semester. These requests require additional processing time.
  • Students who participate in a consortium agreement will need to provide follow-up paperwork showing that the course(s) taken at the visiting school were transferred back to UW-La Crosse. No future financial aid will disburse until this follow-up process is completed.
  • No consortium agreements will be made with institutions that have had their eligibility for Title IV Federal student aid revoked.
  • To request a consortium form or for additional information, please contact Ka Lia Smith at 608.785.8604 or