Consortium agreements

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  • Consortium agreement requests from UWL students pursuing coursework at the following institutions will be considered: all University of Wisconsin System and Wisconsin Technical College System institutions, Viterbo University, and Winona State University. 
  • Consortium agreements are limited to coursework and credits that meet the student's degree requirements.
  • Students must complete the UWL consortium agreement form; the form must be signed by the student's academic advisor or a representative from the Dean's Office of the appropriate college approving the course(s).
    • The deadlines to submit the Consortium Agreement to the Financial Aid Office are:
      • summer semester August 1st
      • fall semester December 1st
      • winter session and spring semester May 1st
  • Consortium agreements will be considered for the summer session, fall semester, winter session, and spring semester. These requests require additional processing time.  In fall and spring semesters, students must be enrolled in at least six required UWL credits (half-time or more) to pursue the consortium agreement. 
  • Students who participate in a consortium agreement will need to provide follow-up paperwork showing that the course(s) taken at the visiting school were transferred back to UW-La Crosse. No future financial aid will disburse until this follow-up process is completed.
  • No consortium agreements will be made with institutions that have had their eligibility for Title IV Federal student aid revoked.
  • To request a consortium form (as a UWL student) or for additional information, please contact Ignacio Gabbard-Rocha at 608.785.8832 or
    • If you're seeking a degree from another school but plan to take classes at UWL, you must check with your home school if they have a similar consortium policy and form.