Mission Statement:

The mission of Student Life: Wellness and Health Advocacy is to provide the UWL campus community with culturally competent health education, health promotion programming, alcohol and other drug education, community engagement, and partnership that supports and empowers the campus community to make choices and create lifelong habits that promote health and well-being across all dimensions. 


A campus environment where the potential for health flourishes.


As each of the individuals in the campus community is unique, with different goals, values, strengths, and experiences, so are their perceptions of and potentials for wellness. Wellness and Health Advocacy respects and values these differences and will provide tools, education, guidance, and support to cultivate an inclusive environment in which the potential for health flourishes for everyone.

Health education will always be guided by evidence, research, best practices, and based in sound theory. It is vital that students have non-biased, accurate, and complete health education to make informed decisions regarding their health.