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What is Digital Measures (DM)?

  • Digital Measures is the company contracted by UWL to provide a database for faculty and IAS activities. The reporting functions are used for annual reports, retention, promotion, and IAS renewal. In addition, departments may choose to use it for merit and/or post tenure review processes.

Who uses Digital Measures?

  • All UWL faculty and staff are expected to report their annual activities via Digital Measures

How far back are activities entered?

  • All probationary (non-tenured ranked faculty) have to enter their activities from their date of hire at UWL.
  • All tenured associate professors who are planning on being promoted to full have to enter at least three years of activities and are requested to enter more.
  • All tenured full professors have to enter their annual activities every year (started in 2006-2007 year).

What are the deadlines?

  • All faculty and IAS must enter their data from the previous academic year by JUNE 1.
  • Department chairs must complete departmental data and annual reports by JULY 1.
  • College deans must complete college reports by AUGUST 1.
  • Deadlines for departmental review are set by the departments.

How do you get into the system?

  • From any computer with an internet connection you can get to the portal from the quick links at the top of the main  UWL home page and enter your NetID and password.
  • NEW faculty & IAS will be automatically added to the system.
  • If the system reports that you are not in their database – contact the Eagle Help Desk.

What do I have to enter? And under what category?

  • The system is designed around the classic big three categories – teaching, scholarship & service. In addition, there are fields for retention and/or promotion related materials.
  • Having the dates of your activities is very important. There are no “fields” that you have to complete.
  • Consult with your chair and colleagues regarding “where?” to indicate certain activities – it is a judgment call.

How do you use the system? Upload files? Run reports?

  • If you are new to the system, please use the tutorials to familiarize yourself with the basic functions.

Is there a size limit to the uploads?

  • Yes – each hyperlink can only be a maximum of 10MB. 1024 Kilobytes = 1MB.
  • Examples? 20-30 page documents in *.doc or *.pdf format tend to be in the ~100KB range or ~1MB.
  • Files with images and music or video files are much larger and faculty will need to choose a short clip to upload.

When is the teaching schedule information loaded?

  • Fall and summer courses are loaded in mid October.
  • Spring and J-term courses are loaded in mid March.

What report format is needed for the various personnel reviews?

  • Merit – report format determined by your department.
  • Retention – two reports are required by the dean:
    • annual report from the past year.
    • retention report from date of hire.
  • Promotion – present – from date of hire or last promotion at UWL.

What about security?

  • The materials hyperlinked to the reports are public domain materials once the report has been generated and forwarded to others. However, for retention and promotion past the departmental level, secure D2L sites are utilized. D2L sites are recommended for departmental level personnel decisions. Additional information regarding DM’s security is available.

What if UWL changes vendors?

  • The data in DM can be downloaded in an excel spreadsheet form.

Who can see/change what?

  • Department chairs can see/alter information in the fields for their own faculty (an electronic record is kept for any alteration).
  • Deans can see/alter all of the faculty and department level information in their colleges.
  • The Provost can see all college/departmental/individual information.
Someone else entered in a co-authored publication and it has errors, what do I do?
  • Speak to the person who entered the information and request the change (their name is indicated in DM).
Who do I contact with questions?
  • Most questions should be directed to your Dean’s Office.
  • Technical questions regarding problems with the program should be directed to the Eagle Help Desk.

How do you successfully replace a file in digital measures?

  • Rename the file – it appears to resolve the problem.

What if the hyperlinks in my reports are not working?

  • If you are not getting an error message, make sure that the new file just hasn’t opened up somewhere unexpected.
  • Click “ok” to internet browser security warnings.
  • If you are getting an error message, make sure you uploaded a file with an extension – such as .doc, .pdf… etc. and that there are no “odd” symbols in the name (such as # or $).
  • Make sure you save the report as a *.html.
  • Additional information regarding working with hyperlinks available at here.