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College of Business Administration (CBA)

50th Anniversary

Share your UWL memories!

We are planning to compile memories and stories from CBA alum and retirees to be shared during the CBA’s 50th Anniversary event. We believe this will be a fun walk down memory lane for both submitters as well as folks viewing here. Learn how to submit a video.

Hear from our students

Jack Buechel


"It is a given that the UWL College of Business Administration and the American Marketing Association will prepare you for a career, but they will also give you countless amazing experiences and friendships to last a lifetime."

Hunter Adams


"Being in an internship has allowed me to take the concepts learned at UWL and give them a relevant application, helping me grow in the practical skills, communication, and decision-making abilities that will be necessary in my career."

Ryan Sperling


"My internship with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has provided invaluable insight into the working dynamics and atmosphere of a professional office. I have been able to apply the skills I gained through my courses to my job duties in unique and challenging ways, and the networking I have done will be valuable for my future career."

Bre Greene


"Looking back at my last three years in the College of Business Administration, I could have never imagined the growth it has given me. The CBA, and UWL as a whole, have provided me a professional foundation, network, and, more importantly, a support system that will last me a lifetime."

Carson Radl


"The UWL CBA has had a tremendous impact on my goals and aspirations as both a student and a future leader in business. CBA student organizations offer numerous professional development opportunities. Additionally, CBA faculty continue to inspire and motivate me every day to grow as a student and business professional ..."

Julie Lewis


"Even as I come from an international background, the CBA has helped me grow my global mindset in ways I never knew possible, allowing me to see the world through a different lens. I know the courses UWL offers will challenge me greatly and this education will set me apart as I enter the workforce."

Ariel view of the UWL campus - Fall 2019