Student Services and Buildings

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Fall semester meeting times: Wednesdays (bi-weekly) at 4:30pm

Committee member Role
Sam Reinke  Chair
Natalie Burgess Vice Chair
Brittany Tashner Secretary
Aaron Bhatoya Student Senator
Ryan Weyker Student Senator
Kenneth Shonk Faculty Representative
Renee Redman Academic Staff Representative
Jacob Schimmel Student Association President
(Ex Officio Member)
Patrick Brever Student Association Vice President
(Ex Officio Member)
Larry Ringgenberg Student Association Advisor
(Ex Officio Member)
Mary Vahala University Centers(Ex Officio Member)

Resolutions and other supporting documents:

Field House Referendum Resolution 

Field House Referendum Language

Vote Campaign Resolution

CAB Proposal

University Accountability Resolution

Student Center Name Resolution  

Student Center Name Referendum Language

Field House Student Expectations Resolution

Bylaws Change Resolution  

Edited SSB Bylaws

REC Intersession Membership Resolution

REC Reservation for Club Volleyball Tournament Resolution

REC Reservation for Relay for Life Resolution

Governing documents: 


Bylaws (Amended April 2015)