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Office Hours

A page within Student Association

What are Senator's Office Hours? 

All Senators are required to hold office hours as per the Senate Bylaws.  They are a time for students and members of the public to reach out to them with concerns, questions, or issues.

You can view Senator office hours below. They are in the following format: 





Marlee Simpson      
Helena Alisch      
Kiersten Kobussen      
Easton Moberg      
Natalie Chiroff      
Isabel Piarulli      
Amelia Fortner      
Paige Vang      
Alexa Fleegal      
Morgan Hahn      
Avery Ladd-Winders      
Anastasia Grochowski      
Anna Giese      
Summer Palm      
Emma Wittman      
Ava Krause      
Evelyn Her      
Swasthika Selvakumar      
Armando Taurino Garcia      
Cisco Garcia      
Lizzy Hanstedt      
Caden Ayala      
Zachary Scheuller      
Michaela Smith      
Hanah Bauknecht      
Emily Anderson      
Hannah Duke      

Whose Office Hours Can I Attend? 

Anyone can attend the office hours of any Senator they feel would best address their questions or concerns.  However, Senators represent specific constituencies (i.e. if you have a question relating to the policies of an athletic team, you might want to contact the Athletics Senator). 

The Student Senate Office - COVE 2240

How to get to the Student Senate Office:
1. Go to the Student Union
2. Take the elevator up to the second floor and make a left
3. Enter the COVE
4. Go to the far wall and make a right
5. The office will be on your left!