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Resolutions expanding section

SA2021-001 Resolution Honoring Sita Agterberg with the Thanks of the Senate

SA2021-002 Resolution Honoring Dana Nielsen with the Thanks of the Senate

SA2021-003 Resolution Honoring the Election Commission with the Thanks of the Senate

SA2021-004 Resolution to Approve the Recreational Eagle Center Fall 2020 Hours

SA2021-005 Resolution to Approve the Student Union Fall 2020 Hours

SA2021-006 Resolution to Approve CSH Senators

SA2021-007 Resolution to Approve the 2020-2021 Executive Cabinet Appointments

SA2021-008 Resolution to Approve Executive Order 2021-003

SA2021-009 Resolution Proposing a Rebudgeting of AIDAC funds ($11,557) in 131-4-020803 to Support Grant Supplies and Scholarships

SA2021-010 Resolution to Approve Fall 2020 Committee Assignments

SA2021-011 Resolution to Approve CASSH Senator

SA2021-012 Resolution to Suspend the Signature Requirement for Senatorial Candidates in the Fall 2020 Student Elections

SA2021-013 Resolution Supporting Fossil Fuel Divestment

SA2021-014 Resolution to Extend Executive Order 2021-003

SA2021-015 Resolution to Recommend Alternative Solutions to Cancelling Spring Break 2021

SA2021-016 Resolution to Temporarily Suspend the Non-Returning Senators Rule for the Fall 2020 Student Elections

SA2021-017 Resolution to Appoint the Fall 2020 Election Commission

SA2021-018 Resolution to Create COVID-19 Policy Research Committee

SA2021-019 Resolution Approving the Fall 2020 Election Results

SA2021-020 Resolution to Approve At-Large COVID-19 Policy Research Committee Members

SA2021-021 Resolution Approving Teacher Candidate Senator

SA2021-022 Resolution to Recommend Moving All Classes to Asynchronous on Election Day

SA2021-023 Resolution to Approve CSH Senator

SA2021-024 Resolution to Recommend That Faculty Be Flexible With Their Students After Thanksgiving Break

SA2021-026 Resolution to Approve the FY22 Allocable Segregated Fee Budget

SA2021-027 Resolution to Approve the Ozzi Reusable Container System Green Fund Grant Request

SA2021-028 Resolution to Approve the Stadium Veteran Walkway Lights Green Fund Grant Request

SA2021-029 Resolution to Honor the Late Dr. Jo Arney

SA2021-030 Resolution to Request the Reinstatement of the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan

SA2021-031 Resolution to Approve CSH Senator

SA2021-032 Resolution to Express UWL’s Support for the Governor’s Current Mask Mandate Intended to Combat the Spread of COVID-19

SA2021-033 Resolution to Endorse AIDAC FY22 Budget

SA2021-034 Resolution to Approve Graduate Senator

SA2021-035 Resolution to Approve the FY22 Green Fund Rate

SA2021-036 Resolution to Recognize March 1st as Larry Ringgenberg Day

SA2021-037 Resolution to Recommend Changes to Usage of Respondus Lockdown Browser

SA2021-038 Resolution in Opposition to LRB 2339-1 and LRB 2340-1 Protecting Women in Sports Act

SA2021-039 Resolution in Support of the Investment in the UW System & UWL Prairie Springs – Phase II in Wisconsin’s Next Biennial Budget

SA2021-040 Resolution to Mandate a Diversity and Inclusion Statement in Student Organizations Bylaws

SA2021-041 Resolution to Approve Changes to the Student Organizations Committee Bylaws

SA2021-042 Resolution to Appoint the Spring 2021 Election Commission

SA2021-043 Resolution to Support Student Organizations Meeting In-Person with COVID-19 Guidelines

SA2021-044 Resolution to Endorse the Selected Traditional Student Regent Candidate

SA2021-045 Resolution to Suspend the Signature Requirement for Senatorial Candidates in the Spring 2020 Student Election

SA2021-046 Resolution to Recommend Changes to Usage of Respondus Lockdown Browser & Respondus Monitor

SA2021-047 Resolution in Support of Academic Flexibility for Students

SA2021-048 Resolution to Recommend the Adaptation of Amended Student Association Bylaw Changes

SA2021-049 Resolution to Approve the Coate Hall Steam Traps Green Fund Grant

SA2021-050 Resolution to Approve the Union Sensor Faucet Green Fund Grant

SA2021-051 Resolution to Appoint a New Chief Justice to the Student Court

SA2021-052 Resolution to Approve the Spring 2021 Student Election Results

SA2021-053 Resolution Appointing Student Court Justices

Student Senate Meetings

Where: via Zoom (password: clocktower)

When: Every Wednesday at 6pm

How Can I Contribute:

  1. Each meeting allows any student 2-3 minutes to speak on any topic they would like
  2. Talk to your Senators about resolutions being discussed
  3. Watch the Senate meetings, either live or via Facebook Live @uwlstudentassociation