Past Academic Years


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SA1920-001: Resolution to Approve the 2019-2020 Executive Cabinet Appointments

SA1920-002: Resolution Honoring the Election Commission with the Thanks of the Senate

SA1920-003 Resolution Honoring Haley Jurecki with the Thanks of the Senate

SA1920-004 Resolution to Appoint Student Association Vice President

SA1920-005 Resolution to Recommend a Syllabus Statement to Faculty Senate

SA1920-006 Resolution to Support Survivors of Sexual Assault

SA1920-007 Resolution in Opposition to 2019 Senate Bill 341 and AB-373

SA1920-008 Resolution to Appoint a New Chief Justice

SA1920-009 Resolution to Approve Fall 2019 Committee Assignments

SA1920-010 Resolution to Appoint Fall Semester Election Commission

SA1920-011 Resolution to Create a Survey for Advisors Ad Hoc Committee

SA1920-012 Resolution to Approve At-Large Senator Appointments

SA1920-013 Resolution Supporting the Student Call for an Open Forum

SA1920-014 Resolution Approving the Fall 2019 Election Results

SA1920-015 Resolution in Support of Kayde Langer and the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire’s Inter-Tribal Student Council

SA1920-016 Resolution to Create a Student Safety Ad Hoc Committee

SA1920-017 Resolution to Recommend Finding an Alternate Time for the Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium

SA1920-018 Resolution Recommending Students for Sustainability to be Awarded A Senate Seat

SA1920-019 Resolution On Adopting an Inclusivity Statement for Senate

SA1920-020 Resolution Approving Graduate Senator

SA1920-021 Resolution Endorsing the Reaching Higher for Higher Ed bill package

SA1920-022 Resolution to Support S.2557 Student Aid Improvement Act of 2019

SA1920-023 Resolution to Remove and Replace the School of Arts and Communications Senate Seat

SA1920-024 Resolution Recommending an Inclusivity Statement for Faculty Senate

SA1920-025 Resolution in Opposition to UW System President Search and Screen Committee

SA1920-026 Resolution to Approve Use of REC for WVC Women’s Volleyball Tournament

SA1920-027 Resolution to Endorse the Joint Planning and Budget Executive Committee’s Request to Create a Taskforce

SA1920-028 Resolution Appointing Student Court Justices

SA1920-029 Resolution to State the Importance of Sustainability in the UW System President Search

SA1920-030 Resolution to Approve the FY21 Allocable Segregated Fee Budget

SA1920-031 Resolution to Approve the Green Fund Request for LED Lights in the Exterior Veteran’s Walkway

SA1920-032 Resolution to Approve the Green Fund Request for Portable LED Lights

SA1920-033 Resolution to Approve the Green Fund Request for LED Lights in the Recreational Eagle Center

SA1920-034 Resolution to Approve the Green Fund Request for Biodegradable Smoothie Cups

SA1920-035 Resolution to Approve the Green Fund Request for LED Lights in Laux Hall

SA1920-036 Resolution to Approve Use of REC for AAU Girls' Basketball Tournament

SA1920-037 Resolution Recommending a Student Parent Section in Faculty Syllabi

SA1920-038 Resolution to Ensure Proportinality of the Student Senate

SA1920-039 Resolution Implementing “Festive Fridays”

SA1920-040 Resolution Requesting that the City Council of La Crosse Conduct a Proper Environmental Impact Study On the Potential Grandad’s Bluff Mountain Bike Trails

SA1920-041 Resolution Appointing Senator of College of Science and Health

SA1920-042 Resolution to Recommend that a Written Comment Section Should Be Available on All SEI's

SA1920-043 Resolution in Support of a Neighborhood Resource Officer

SA1920-044 Resolution to Approve the Green Fund Rate for Fiscal Year 2021

SA1920-045 Resolution for Endorsement of the FY21 AIDAC Budget

SA1920-046 Resolution Appointing College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities Senator

SA1920-047 Resolution Approving CBA Senator

SA1920-048 Resolution to Approve Use of REC for Eagle Open Volleyball Tournament

SA1920-050 Resolution Approving At-Large and CBA Senators

SA1920-051 Resolution to Approve Moving the 2020 Primary Elections from the Student Union to the Recreation Eagle Center (REC)

SA1920-052 Resolution to Appoint Students for Sustainability to Vacant Seat on Senate

SA1920-053 Resolution in Support of Option B in the Grading Policy

SA1920-054 Resolution to Appoint Spring 2020 Election Commission

SA1920-055 Resolution Approving Legislative Affairs Committee Bylaws Changes

SA1920-056 Resolution in Support of Student Representatives Restructure

SA1920-057 Resolution to Approve the Green Energy Surcharge Green Fund Grant Request

SA1920-058 Resolution to Approve the Ozzi Reusable Container System Green Fund Grant Request

SA1920-059 Resolution to Approve the New Steam Traps for Laux Hall Green Fund Grant Request

SA1920-060 Resolution to Approve the Stadium Veteran Lights Green Fund Grant Request

SA1920-061 Resolution to Amend Student Senate Bylaws

SA1920-063 Resolution to Approve the Spring 2020 Student Election Results

SA1920-064 Resolution Approving Changes to Student Organizations Committee Bylaws

SA1920-065 Resolution to Thank UWL Faculty, Staff, and Administration

SA1920-066 Resolution in Honor of Dr. Larry Ringgenberg with the Thanks of the Senate


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SA1819-001     Resolution to Approve the 2018-19 Executive Cabinet Appointments

SA1819-002     Changing SAPA to DREAM in the Student Senate Bylaws

SA1819-003     Resolution Honoring Chris Paul, Student Association Election Commissioner, with the Thanks of the Senate

SA1819-004     Resolution to Approve the LASO Senator Appointment

SA1819-005     Resolution to Appoint Fall Election Commission

SA1819-006     Resolution to Approve Green Fund Bylaws

SA1819-007     Resolution to Approve Referendum to Ban Straws on Fall Ballot

SA1819-008     Resolution to Approve Referendum Language Reapproving Green Fund on Fall Ballot

SA1819-009     Resolution to Approve Committee Assignments

SA1819-010     Resolution Approving Fall Election Results

SA1819-011     Resolution to Change Privacy Standards for Students in WINGS

SA1819-012     Resolution Approving At-Large Senator Appointments

SA1819-013     Resolution Changing How Office Hours are Served

SA1819-014     Resolution to Approve Student Court Justice Nomination

SA1819-015     Resolution Supporting Faculty Senate Regarding the Implementation of the Canvas System in UW Institutions

SA1819-016     Resolution Approving Student Justice Nomination

SA1819-017     Resolution to Clarify the Process for Archiving Resolutions

SA1819-018     Resolution to Affirm Solidarity with Trans and Nonbinary Students

SA1819-019     Resolution to Support Statement on Loan Refinancing

SA1819-020     Resolution to Ratify UW System Student Representatives Constitutional Changes

SA1819-021     Resolution to Approve the FY20 Allocable Segregated Fee Budget

SA1819-022     Resolution to Approve the FY20 Green Fund Segregated Fee Amount

SA1819-023     Resolution to Approve Chief of Staff Appointment

SA1819-024     Resolution to Nominate Student Regent Candidates

SA1819-025     Resolution to Approve Public Relations Director

SA1819-026     Resolution to Appoint Student Embassy to Vacant Senate Seat

SA1819-027     Resolution to Approve Use of REC for AAU Basketball Tournament

SA1819-028     Resolution to Approve the Use of REC for Women's Club Volleyball

SA1819-029     Resolution to Approve Use of the REC by ROTC for Physical Training Courses

SA1819-030     Resolution of Appreciation to Alfonso Gunaratnam

SA1819-031     Resolution Approving At-Large Senator Appointments

SA1819-032     Resolution Approving Senator Appointments

SA1819-033     Resolution to Dissolve the Current Constitution and Approve the Ammended Constitution as the New UWLSA Constitution

SA1819-034     Resolution for Endorsement of FY20 AIDAC Budget

SA1819-035     Resolution to Support and Endorse 2019 Conservation Lobby Day

SA1819-036     Resolution Prohibiting the use of the Green Fund toward Student Stipend

SA1819-037     Resolution to Implement Plastic Bag Recycling on Campus with Trex

SA1819-038     Resolution to Support and Endorse the Petition for a Sustainability Coordinator

SA1819-039     Resolution in Support of UW-La Crosse's Residence Hall Building Project

SA1819-040     Resolution in Support of Governor Evers' Budget Proposal for UW System

SA1819-041     Resolution to Appoint Spring Election Commission

SA1819-042     Resolution Approving Referendum Language for an Eagle Dome on the Spring 2019 Election Ballot

SA1819-043     Resolution to Recommend the Creation of a Deactivated Course List

SA1819-044     Resolution in Suppor of UW-La Crosse's Capital Building Project

SA1819-045     Resolution Opposing Senate Bill 150 and Assembly Bill 160

SA1819-046     Resolution to Endorse the FY20 Segregated Fee Package

SA1819-047     Resolution to Approve of the Spring 2019 Student Election Results

SA1819-048     Resolution to Approve Use of REC for 7th Annual Eagle Open Volleyball Tournament

SA1819-049     Resolution Approving Changes to AIDAC Bylaws

SA1819-050     Resolution Dissolving Current Senate Bylaws and Approve the Amended Bylaws

SA1819-051     Resolution Recommending Revised Faculty Reporting Syllabi Statement

SA1819-052     Resolution Endorsing the Eagle Dome

SA1819-053     Resolution Approving SUFAC Bylaw Changes


Resolutions expanding section

SA 1718-001    Resolution to Approve the 2017-2018 Executive Cabinet Appointments

SA 1718-002    Resolution to Approve Student Court Chief Justice Nomination

SA 1718-003    Resolution to Support the Increase of UWL Theater Arts Ticket Prices

SA 1718-004    Resolution to Approve Senate Appointment

SA 1718-005    Resolution to Appoint Fall Election Commission

SA 1718-006    Resolution to Approve the REC Use for 5th Open Volleyball Tournament

SA 1718-007    Resolution Supporting the Proposal to Amend Alternative Side Parking

SA 1718-008    Resolution to Approve Senate Appointments

SA 1718-009    Resolution to Support Bystander Info Distribution

SA 1718-010    Resolution to Approve Fall Elections

SA 1718-011    Resolution to Approve Inclusivity Director Appointment

SA 1718-012    Resolution to Condemn Dehumanizing of Diversity Org Members

SA 1718-013    Resolution to Approve Constitution Changes

SA 1718-014    Resolution to Approve Student Court Nominations

SA 1718-015    Resolution to Approve Senate Appointment

SA 1718-016    Resolution for Murphy Microwave

SA 1718-017    Resolution to Remove RHAC Seats from the Bylaws and Constitution

SA 1718-018    Resolution to Establish Non Allocable University Fee Allocation Subcommittee

SA 1718-019         Resolution Approving Green Fund Requests

SA1718-020     Resolution Approving FY18 Allocable Seg. Fee Budget

SA 1718-021    Resolution Supporting American Association Multisociety Letter

SA 1718-022    Resolution Supporting Removal of Hiawatha Statue

SA 1718-023    Resolution to Add Land Recognition Statement to Agenda

SA 1718-024    Resolution to Change REC Hours

SA 1718-025    Resolution to Appoint VP

SA 1718-026    Resolution to Amend Student Senate Bylaws

SA 1718-027    Resolution Requesting Informative Statement about the $75 Administrative Service Fee

SA 1718-028    Resolution to Support General Education Program Revision

SA 1718-029    Resolution to Approve Student Senator

SA 1718-030    Resolution in Support of AB777 and SB729

SA 1718-031    Resolution to Recommend putting PGP's on Senator's Nameplates

SA 1718-032    Resolution to Appoint the Vice President of Student Association for the Remainder of 2017-18 Academic Year

SA 1718-033    Resolution to Recommend Admissions does not hold Protesting Gun Violence Against an Applicant

SA 1718-034    Resolution giving Asian, Latina, African, Native American Women (ALANA) a Permanent Seat within Student Senate

SA 1718-035    Resolution to Remove the Pledge of Allegiance from the Agenda

SA 1718-036    Resolution to Amend Election Bylaws in order to Extend Date of Spring Elections

SA 1718-037    Resolution for Endorsement of FY19 AIDAC Budget

SA 1718-038    Resolution to Approve Members of the Election Commission

SA 1718-039    Enumerating Parliamentary Procedure in the Student Senate Bylaws

SA 1718-040    Resolution Supporting Opt-Out and RAVE as the New Emergency Notification System

SA 1718-041    Enumerating Parliamentary Procedure in the Student Senate Bylaws

SA 1718-042    Resolution to Recommend a Change in Polling Location

SA 1718-043    Resolution to Amend UW-L Election Commission Bylaws

SA 1718-044    Resolution Endorsing Proposed Segregated Fee Changes

SA 1718-045    Resolution Approving Spring 2018 Green Fund Requests

SA 1718-046    Resolution to Approve 2018 Election Results

SA 1718-047    Resolution to Amend Student Senate Bylaws to add ALANA

SA 1718-048    Resolution to Approve the Use of the Recreational Eagle Center (REC) for the Campus Activities Board (CAB) Fall 2018 Concert

SA 1718-049    Resolution Honoring Angie Lee, Director of Student Life, with the Thanks of Senate


Resolutions expanding section

SA1617-001 Resolution Approving 2016-2017 Executive Cabinet

SA1617-002 Resolution Ending Contract for The Buzz

SA1617-003 Resolution Approving Executive Cabinet Salaries

SA1617-004 Resolution Approving Committee Appointments

SA1617-005 Resolution Amending Word Limit Executive Candidates

SA1617-006 Resolution Confirming Election Results

SA1617-007 Resolution to Approve Senate Appointments

SA1617-008 Resolution Approving Senate Appointments

SA1617-009 Resolution Dissolving the Academic Affairs Committee.

SA1617-010 Resolution Naming the Second Floor of the New Student Union

SA1617-011 Resolution to Approve Senate Appointment

SA1617-012 Resolution Approving Inclusivity Director

SA1617-013 Resolution to Change Name of Rainbow Unity Senator

SA1617-014 Resolution to Change Name of Greek Life Senator

SA1617-015 Resolution Amending Student Court Rules of Procedure

SA1617-016 Resolution Requesting Use of REC for AAU Tournament

SA1617-017 Resolution Recommending Updates to SA Constitution and Student Senate Bylaws

SA1617-018 Resolution Requesting Use of REC for Club Volleyball

SA1617-019 Resolution for Change in Green Fund Bylaws

SA1617-020 Resolution for Accepctance of FY18 Allocable Segregated Fee Budget 

SA1617-021 Resolution to Advocate for Hmong Learning Opportunities on Campus

SA1617-022 Resolution Regalia Policy

SA1617-023 Resolution Update Student Court Bylaws 

SA1617-024 Resolution Approving Student Union Name

SA1617-025 Resolution Approving State Affairs Director

SA1617-026 Resolution Approving the NSU Alcohol Policy

SA1617-027 Resolution Approving Spring 2017 Dining Service Hours

SA1617-028 Resolution Approving Green Fund 

SA1617-029 Resolution Approving Green Fund Project

SA1617-030 Resolution Approving Solar Panel Green Fund Project

SA1617-031 Resolution to Approve Student Senate Appointments

SA1617-032 Resolution Taking Stance on Governor Walker's Budget Proposal 

SA1617-033 Resolution Approving Court Nominations

SA1617-034 Resolution to Expressing Support for ONE Campaign

SA1617-035 Resolution Requesting A Raise in Prices for REC non-UWL Student J-Term and Summer Session Memberships

SA1617-036 Resolution in Solidarity with the City of LaCrosse 

SA1617-037Resolution Approving Changes to the University of Wisconsin La Crosse Student Association Constitution

SA1617-038 Resolution Approving New Student Senator

SA1617-039 Resolution to Increase Constituency Representation 



SA1617-042 Resolution Appointing Election Commission

SA1617-043 Resolution for Fall Break Student Survey

SA1617-044 Resolution Amending Election Commission Bylaws 


SA1617-046 Resolution Requesting Comprehensive Review of Feminine Hygiene Products and Dispensers on Campus 

SA1617-047 Resolution Allocating Org Money

SA1617-048 Resolution Approving Green Fund Request for Outdoor Connection Whole Trees

SA1617-049 Resolution to Increase Student Senate Focus on Inclusivity 

SA1617-050 Resolution to Reserve REC for Relay for Life 

SA1617-051 Resolution to Increase Accessibility in Centennial and Parking Ramp

SA1617-052 Resolution to Approve 2017 Election Results 

SA1617-053 Resolution to Address CAB Financial Situation

SA1617-054 Resolution to Approve Spring Green Fund Requests 

SA1617-055 Resolution to Amend Student Court Rules of Procedure 

SA1617-056 Resolution Amending Executive Cabinet Bylaws 

SA1617-057 Resolution Approving Spring Green Fund Requests 

SA1617-058 Resolution to Approve Spring Green Fund Requests

SA1617-059 Resolution to Remove RHAC Senate Seats from Student Association Constitution and Student Senate Bylaws

SA1617-060 Resolution to Change RHAC Senate Seats 1


Resolutions expanding section

SA1516-001 Resolution Approving 2015-2016 Executive Cabinet

SA1516-002 Resolution Approving Senate Appointments

SA1516-003 Resolution Requesting Use of REC for Presidential Speech

SA1516-004 Resolution Approving Senate Appointment

SA1516-005 Resolution Approving Local Affairs Coordinator Appointment

SA1516-006 Resolution Recommending use of Student Initiative Money

SA1516-007 Resolution Approving Student Court Nominations

SA1516-008 Resolution Recommending the Inclusion of Shared Governance Bodies

SA1516-009 Resolution Approving Fall 2015 Election Results

SA1516-010 Resolution Approving Senate Appointments

SA1516-011 Resolution to Establish a Joint Student Governance Committee on Sexual Violence

SA1516-012 Resolution Expressing Viewpoint and Approach on Concealed Carry

SA1516-013 Resolution Opposing Concealed Carry in University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Residence Halls final

SA1516-014 Resolution to Reaffirm Student’s Religious Rights in Academics

SA1516-015 Resolution Requesting Grading Scale Research

SA1516-016 Resolution Requesting REC Use During Family Weekend

SA1516-017 Resolution Requesting Use of REC for AAU Tournament

SA1516-018 Resolution Approving Student Court Nominations

SA1516-019 Resolution Amending Executive Cabinet Bylaws to include the Diversity Organization Coalition in the Inclusivity Coordinator Selection Process

SA1516-020 Resolution Supporting AB 430 and Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Advocates

SA1516-021 Resolution to Limit Faculty Involvement in Organizations

SA1516-022 Resolution Requesting REC Use for LEHP Program

SA1516-023 Resolution Proposing an Extended Drop Date for Fall and Spring Semester Classes

SA1516-024 Resolution Urging the State of Wisconsin to Ban Displaying the Confederate Flag

SA1516-025 Resolution Recommending Larger Cereal Bowls at Whitney Center

SA1516-026 Resolution Approving Fall 2015 Green Fund Request, Zimride Rideshare Program

SA1516-027 Resolution Approving Fall 2015 Green Fund Request, Vermicomposting Program 

SA1516-028 Resolution Approving Fall 2015 Green Fund Request, RecSports Solar Light Towers

SA1516-029 Resolution Approving Fall 2015 Green Fund Request, Recreational Eagle Center Low Flow Showerheads

SA1516-030 Resolution Approving the Student Organizations Committee Adviser Limit Policy

SA1516-031 Resolution Supporting the Indigenous Land Recognition Policy

SA1516-032 Resolution Approving FY16 Allocated Budget Amount & Segregated Fee Rate

SA1516-033 Resolution Recognizing the Confederate Flag as a Symbol of Hate

SA1516-034 Resolution to Amend the UWL Student Association Constitution 

SA1516-035 Resolution Approving Fall 2015 Green Fund Request, Stadium lamps 

SA1516-036 Resolution Opposing HR 3403 the Safe Campus Act of 2015

SA1516-037 Resolution Requesting Use of REC for Womens Club Volleyball Tournament

SA1516-038 Resolution to Enforce UW-Ls Smoking Policy

SA1516-039 Resolution Supporting AB 808 Giving Amnesty for Underage Drinking in the Event of Sexual Assault

SA1516-040 Resolution Supporting AB 814 to Restore Shared Governance Statutes Prior to Wisconsin Act 55

SA1516-041 Resolution Addressing Governor Walker’s College Affordability Proposals

SA1516-042 Resolution Changing Executive Candidate Debate Date for 2016 Spring Student Association Election

SA1516-043 Resolution Appointing at Large Senator Seat

SA1516-044 Resolution Appointing Spring 2016 Election CommissionSA1516-045 Resolution Requesting Use of REC for Basketball Tournament

SA1516-046 Resolution Requesting Use of REC for 4th Annual Eagle Open Volleyball Tournament

SA1516-047 Resolution Requesting Use of REC for Relay for Life

SA1516-048 Resolution Reaffirming a UW-L Value

SA1516-049 Resolution Supporting the Indigenous Land Recognition Policy

SA1516-050 Resolution Requesting One Non-binding Referendum on the April 12 Student Election Ballot

SA1516-051 Resolution Supporting FY17 Segregated Fee Rate Package

SA1516-052 Resolution Approving University Shared Governance Policy 

SA1516-053 Resolution Supporting JMAC Tuition Payment Proposal

SA1516-054 Resolution Approving Spring 2016 Election Results

SA1516-055 Resolution Supporting Closed Captioning in Classes

SA1516-056 Resolution Supporting A UWL Safety Communication Package

SA1516-057 Resolution Approving Spring 2016 Green Fund Request, Sustainability Coordinator

SA1516-058 Resolution Approving Spring 2016 Green Fund Request, variable frequency drives for the REC HVAC system

SA1516-059 Resolution Approving Spring 2016 Green Fund Request, solar photovoltaic renewable energy system 

SA1516-060 Resolution Approving Student Organizations Committee Bylaw Change

SA1516-061 Resolution Approving Concessions Area Policy

SA1516-062 Resolution Approving Storage Space Policy 

SA1516-063 Resolution Approving the Bylaws of the Joint Sexual Violence Action Committee

SA1516-064 Resolution Approving Amendments to Academic Initiatives Differential Allocation Committee (AIDAC) Bylaws 

SA1516-065 Resolution Approving Executive Cabinet Bylaw Changes

SA1516-066 Resolution Approving Student Association President as an additional speaker during UW-L Commencement Ceremonies

SA1516-067 Resolution Approving the Proposed SUFAC Bylaws Amendments

SA1516-068 Resolution Approving Rules of Procedure Changes

SA1516-069 Resolution Continuing REC Use for LEHP Program

SA1516-070 Resolution Granting Advanced Approval to Relay for Life Use of the REC

SA1516-071 Resolution Approving the Plans for the New Student Center’s Recreation Area and Commuter Lounge’s Furniture

SA1516-072 Resolution Regarding Timely Grading

SA1516-073 Resolution Approving the Bylaws of the Academic Affairs Committee

SA1516-074 Resolution Supporting Service Animal Policy

SA1516-075 Resolution Approving New Student Center Alcohol Policy

SA1516-076 Resolution Approving New Student Center Reservations Policy

SA1516-077 Resolution Approving New Student Center Signage Policy

SA1516-078 Resolution Approving New Student Center Decorations Policy

SA1516-079 Resolution Approving New Student Center Student Organization Space Name

SA1516-080 Resolution Approving Student Organization Bylaw Template Change

SA1516-081 Resolution Granting Advanced Approval to CAB Concert of the REC