Mission Statement: The purpose of this committee shall be to

  1.  Make decisions regarding the manner in which the segregated university fees are to be distributed among eligible activities and programs as identified in the Segregated Fee Chart of Accounts and then forward decisions onto Student Association
  2.  Allocate from the Equipment and Supplies Fund for:
    1. Advance purchasing,
    2. Capital expense items
    3. Unforeseen budgetary matters.
  3.  Hear and discuss any Contingency Requests.
  4.  Review Green Fund requests over $5,000 and forward recommendations to Student Senate.
  5.  Approve the expenditure of excess income not anticipated during budget deliberations.
  6.  Review budgetary deficits and formulate, as appropriate, compensation or reduction of subsequent budgets.
  7.  Maintain a minimum cash balance of 10% of the operating budget to ensure the continuation of programs in the event of enrollment fluctuations, unforeseen shortfalls in program revenue, or other catastrophic experiences.

FALL 2019 MEETING TIME: Mondays at 5:30 in 2310 Student Union

MEMBERSHIP 2019-2020

Committee member Role
Bennett Thering Committee Chair
K.C. Cayo Committee Vice Chair
Committee Secretary
Cait McReavy Student Senator
Brice Hansen Student Senator
Jared Gendron At-Large Student
Ngaru Nen At-Large Student
Isaac Ozolins First-year student
Faculty Representative
Faculty Representative
Greg Phlegar Student Life Representative
Jason Steiner Budget Office
Sita Agterberg Student Association President (Ex Officio Member)
Dana Nielsen Student Association Vice President (Ex Officio Member)
Larry Ringgenberg Student Association Advisor (Ex Officio Member)
Mary Beth Vahala

Associate Director of University Centers (Ex Officio Member)

Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Segregated Fee Package