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MEMBERSHIP 2022-2023

Ryan Sperling Vice-Chairperson/Student Senator
Vacant At-large member
Vacant At-large member
Justin Poley Secretary/At-large member
Paige Vang Chairperson/Student Senator
Spark Lim Student Senator
Ximena Herrera Inclusivity Director
Philip Loehmer Academic Staff
Grant Mathu

Student Association President (ex-officio)

Siri Flores

Student Association Vice President (ex-officio)

Kyle Burke

Director Of University Centers (ex-officio)

Vitaliano Figueroa

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (ex-officio)

Dina Zavala

Vice Chancellor for Diversity & Inclusion (ex- officio)

Kelly Reuter

Finance Advisor (ex-officio) 


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Mission Statement:

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Academic Initiatives Differential Allocation Committee provides a student voice in the allocation of differential tuition to programs whose purpose coincides with the four fundamental pillars, built on the foundation of student needs; advising, diversity, internationalization, and research.