Mission Statement:

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Academic Initiatives Differential Allocation Committee provides a student voice in the allocation of differential tuition to programs whose purpose coincides with the four fundamental pillars, built on the foundation of student needs; advising, diversity, internationalization, and research.

MEMBERSHIP 2021-2022

Aisling Polley Chair
Andrew Ericson Vice Chair
Paige Vang Secretary
MacKenzie Caya  Senator 
Molly Westcott Senator
Philip Loehmer Faculty
Andrew Ives Academic Staff
Jared Zwettler

 Student Association President 

(Ex Officio)

K.C. Cayo

Student Association Vice President

(Ex Officio)

Kyle Burke

Director Of University Centers (Ex Officio)

Dr. Vitaliano Figueroa

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (Ex Officio)

Dr. Barbara Stewart

Vice Chancellor for Diversity & Inclusion (Ex Officio)

Kelly Reuter

Finance Advisor (Ex Officio)