Mission Statement:

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Academic Initiatives Differential Allocation Committee provides a student voice in the allocation of differential tuition to programs whose purpose coincides with the four fundamental pillars, built on the foundation of student needs; advising, diversity, internationalization, and research.

FALL 2019 MEETING TIME: Tuesdays at 4:30pm in 2100 Student Union


MEMBERSHIP 2019-2020

Cate Wiza  Chair/CBA Senator
K.C. Cayo Vice Chair/CASSH Senator
Sara Seymour Recorder/At-Large
Avery McLain  CSH Senator
Abe Packard Graduate Student
Isabelle Lyon First Year Student
Faith Fisher Diversity Organization
Sita Agterberg

 Student Association President 

(Ex Officio Member)

Dana Nielsen

Student Association Vice President

(Ex Officio Member)

Dr. Larry Ringgenberg

Director Of University Centers

Dr. Vitaliano Figueroa

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs