COVID accountability dashboard

In response to the current COVID-19 health crisis, the university implemented a COVID-19 Community Safety & Accountability Policy to provide notice to students about the discipline and accountability the university may apply when a student’s behavior puts others at risk or that may contribute to spread of the virus. The dashboard below provides information to the campus community and the public about our general response to students who have reportedly violated our COVID-19 expectations.

Please link HERE to learn more about the values that guide our disciplinary process.

*UW-La Crosse will not disclose names or other information that could potentially identify a person who has been called into our student disciplinary process.

Outcomes - running totals since September 1st

Cases resolved 1 Written warnings Educational assignment Housing contracts reviewed Disciplinary probation Suspensions
On-campus 517 318 144 33 10 1
Off-campus 29 23 2 N/A 0 0

Weekly counts

Incident reports 2 Students referred Reports under investigation 3 Cases
pending 4
Running Total 197 586 N/A N/A

4-11    to       4-17

On-campus 1 7 1 0
Off-campus 0 0 0 0

4-4  to   4-10

On-campus 3 5 1 0
Off-campus 0 0 0 0

Updated as of 5/7/2021

1 Case resolutions where the student is found responsible may include multiple sanctions. Some students may be found not responsible.

2 It is possible that the university could received multiple reports about a single incident.

3 "Reports" can have more than one student involved.

4 "Cases" are one per student.