COVID-19 Technology Resources

Internet Resources

Spectrum is offering free internet service for 60 days for new college student and teacher households who don’t currently have internet or WiFi service:

CenturyLink has vowed to waive late fees and not terminate residential or small business customers for 60 days:

Comcast Internet Essentials offers internet access for $9.95/month to qualifying households (2 months free due to COVID):

UWL: In addition to the current WiFi on campus grounds, ITS has been able to expand WiFi connectivity to the west side of the parking areas [C-2 and C-3] of Roger Harring Stadium at Veterans Memorial Field Sports Complex, and on the east side near parking C-11.

Working with slow internet speeds? Please see UWL's webpage, How To Manage Slower Internet and Low Bandwidth


If you are needing a computer to complete classes online, please contact the Student Life Office, as soon as possible, by emailing or by calling 608-785-8062. Student Life staff will help you get connected to appropriate resources. 


Please contact UWL's Information Technology Services about getting access to needed software for your classes.