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Video creation & sharing (Mediasite)

A page within Information Technology Services

Mediasite (MyMedia) – Video Content Management & Video Content Creation

Mediasite (MyMedia) is a content creation and content management solution hosted locally at UWL. Faculty, staff, and students can create an account, download software and begin creating presentations. Mediasite (MyMedia) provides a secure space for storage and allows easy sharing and access using an unique URL (weblink).

Some potential uses of Mediasite (MyMedia) include:

  • Students can create videos and presentations that can easily be shared.
  • Faculty can upload video to Mediasite (MyMedia) to share with their students in Canvas.
  • Staff can use Mediasite (MyMedia) to create and share training videos with colleagues.

For more information about Mediasite (MyMedia),  please see:

Common Issues - Mediasite (MyMedia)

Question:“I recorded a presentation, but it still says “recording” – Why isn’t it ready to go”
Answer: It is probably an issue caused by inadequate internet upload bandwidth. It also could have been caused by a glitch in the internet connectivity like walking between buildings. Try re-uploading from here on campus in a stationary spot with strong network connectivity.

Question:“I think my presentation uploaded correctly. How do I know for sure?
Answer:As soon as the blue progress bar has completed or as soon as the upload has reached 100% refresh the MyMedia browser window. In the right window if the box around your presentation is orange and says “the presentation is being processed” or it is a black line around the box and it says “the presentation is queued for processing” then all is good. If it says anything else you probably need to re-upload the presentation.

Question:“I downloaded and installed the Mediasite Desktop Recorder but the software doesn’t have my name in the upper left corner of the grey box.”
Answer:This might be caused by either of two things.

  1. You didn’t confirm the email that the system sent to you immediately upon creating your account, and/or
  2. You didn’t activate your software which was the third step of the MDR installation. If you can’t find the system-generated email in your UWL Google inbox or junk mail contact the Eagle Help Desk and they will help you generate a help desk ticket to track your issue and route the request to the MyMedia administrator. If it is problem #2 then you need to click on the software download icon, and click on the button in the third pane, step 3 of the instruction page. Once activated verify that your name is now in the sign in area in the upper left corner of the gray MDR software window

Question:“I made my presentation but others can’t see it. What is wrong?”
Answer: Make sure that you set the recording from Private to Viewable and make sure that under the security tab “everyone” is enabled so it appears on the access list. If someone still has a problem viewing suggest that they try a different browser.

Question:“I recorded a presentation using the MDR but after processing the presentation has no audio! What’s wrong?”
Answer:The wrong microphone setting was probably chosen after launching the MDR. Make sure to choose the microphone setting in which you can see the yellow and green lights blink on the software when you talk.