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UW-La Crosse JUR, Volume I (1998)

Articles are organized below by UW-L college and department, and then listed alphabetically by undergraduate student author.

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Art Biology / Microbiology Chemistry Marketing
Mathematics Physics Phyiscal Therapy Psychology
Sociology & Archaeology Women's Studies    

College of Business Administration


Author Advisor Title
Marie Zobeck Johnson "RiverCity Parents" A Community Family Informational Newsletter

College of Liberal Arts


Author Advisor Title
Susan Taubel Elgin Research of Printmaking techniques, a Synthesis of the New with the Past


Author Advisor Title
Jaime A. Dechant and Julie L. Kaye Dehn An Examination of the Variables Which Affect Bully/Victim Relations
Kim Schmitz and Sarah Diefenthaler Oyster An Examination of Traditional Gender Roles Among Men and Women in Mexico and the United States
Julie Schwartz and Michelle Lundgren VanVoorhis Attributions of Blame Towards Assailants and Victims of Rape

Sociology and Archaeology

Author Advisor Title
Ryan Letterly Boszhardt Archaeological Study of Timber Coulee
Dain Martinek Theler Oneota Food Storage Technology - Experiment in Pit Storage of Maize
Kathleen M. Snodgrass Theler Ancient Climate as Inferred by Land Snails at the Brokenleg Bend Locality, Oklahoma

Women's Studies

Author Advisor Title
Paula Coates Krajewski A Kaleidoscope of Voices: Stories of Midwives

College of Science and Allied Health

Biology and Microbiology

Author Advisor Title
Julieta G. Archambault Rott Building an Improved Suicide Vector for Creating Mutations in Specific Genes
Christine Calogero Sanheinrich Effects of Zebra Mussels, Larval Fishand Nutrients on Density and Diversity of Benthic Invertebrates
Laurie Carter Sutherland Field and Laboratory Study Evaluating the Possibility of Manodistomum syntomentera Causing Malformations In Frogs of the Mississippi River Valley
Brent J. Dalzell Sutherland Possibilities of Manodistomum syntomentera as a cause of deformities in Rana pipiens
Jennifer Daniel Winfrey Cloning of a mer operonfrom Naturally Occurring Aquatic Bacteria
Lindsay B. Dunnum Rott Preliminary Characterization of BYN4, a Rhodobacter sphaeriodes Mutant Affected in Alcohol Metabolism
Bridget Pfaff and Eric Larson Sutherland Whirling Disease: Diagnostic Techniques and Potential for Range Expansion
Joshua Puhl, Ryan Steele, Rebecca Stoehr Cooper The Effects of an SV40 Nuclear Localizing Signal in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Justin Wetter Sutherland Field and Laboratory Evaluation of Whirling Disease Using a Novel Polymerase Chain-Reaction Diagnostic Array, and Assessing the Risk of Whiriling Disease Becoming Established in Wisconsin
Jennifer Wolf Rott Genetic Confirmation of the Requirement for PQQ in Alcohol Metabolism in Rhodobacter sphaeriodes


Author Advisor Title
Laura Mikle DeSouza-Machado Conformational Analysis of Cyclopropyl Methyl Ketone


Author Advisor Title
Christine Cumming Hoar The Total Variation Approach to Approximate Hyperbolic Wave Equations
Dean Ripley Hoar Using Statistical Measures to Filter a Noisy Wave Transmission

Physical Therapy

Author Advisor Title
Chad Fortun, Thomas W. Kernozek, PhD Davis The Effects of Plyometric Training on the Shoulder Internal Rotators
Cheri McGee PT, CSCS, Emily Kersting PT, CSCS, George J. Davies, Med, PT, SCS, ATC, CSCS McLean Standard Rehabilitation vs. Standard Plus Closed Kinetic Chain Rehabilitation for Patients with Shoulder Impingement: A Rehabilitation Outcomes Study


Author Advisor Title
Jeremy T. Dobler, Mike Jackson, Indranath Mukhopadhyay Sudhakaran Far-Infrared Laser Stark Spectroscopy of CD3OD: Determination of the Electric Dipole Movement