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UW-La Crosse JUR, Volume VIII (2005)

Articles are organized below by UW-L college and department, and then listed alphabetically by undergraduate student author.

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College of Education, Exercise Science, Health, and Recreation (CEESHR)

Educational Studies

Illichmann [Wegner & Hoskins]-Lidice: Remembering the Women and Children

Exercise and Sport Science

Hemauer, Kozlowski, & Rego [Durnin & Steffen]–The Effect of Self-Analysis on Archery Performance Among Undergraduate Students

Kuzma & McNeil [Doberstein]–A Comparison of Prostretch Versus Incline Board Stretching on Active Ankle Dorsiflexion Range of Motion

College of Liberal Studies (CLS)

Communication Studies

Cannady [Dickmeyer, L]–Examining Skin Color Perception on the Effects of Attractiveness and Trust

Driessen [Dickmeyer, S]–Message Communicationn in Advertising: Selling the Abercrombie and Fitch Image

Peick [Knox]–Dance as Communication: Messages Sent and Received through Dance


Heyer [Butterfield]–Objectivity and Action: Wal-Mart and the Legacy of Marx and Nietzsche


Albright [Teboh]–The Evolution of Traditional Ghanian Music and Influence from Western Society

Amlaw [Macias-Gonzalez]–Contested Memories: G. Heileman Brewery, Working Class Leisure, and the Origins of Oktoberfest in La Crosse

Brown [Buffton]–Philosophy, Politics, and the People: the History of Christianity in France

Gabriel [Lee]–Remembering the Past: How the Legend of Cuchulilain is Remembered in Ireland

Magnuson-Cannady [Vandenberg-Daves]–"My Daughter Married a Negro": Interracial Relationships in the United States as Portrayed in Popular Media, 1950-1975

Reckwerdt [Macias-Gonzalez]–Making Men: The Culture of Masculinity at La Crosse State Normal School, 1909-1920

Westpfahl [Chavalas]–The Meggido Expedition: Archaeology and the Bible

Modern Languages

Gray [Olson]–Sculpture in Reunified Berlin

Jones [Provencher & Hoskins]–A Comparitive Study of Attitudes of Sexuality, Sexual Health Knowledge, and Sexual Practices of Young Women in Mexico, Canada and the United States


Ambrosius [Maly]–Deep Ecology: A Debate on the Role of Humans in the Environment

Dickie [Maly]–Indigenous Traditions and Sacred Ecology in the Pacific Islands

Political Science and Public Administration

Knack [Lindaman]–Abortion Policy and Representation: The Wisconsin Assembly


Foris [Moore]–The Effect of Meditation

Haupt [Blumentritt]–Effects of Perceived Sexual Orientation on Moral Reasoning

Kahl [VanVoorhis]–Room Temperature and Task Effects on Arousal, Comfort, and Performance

Krueger & Trussoni [Taylor]–Women's Self-Concept and the Effects of Positive or Negative Labeling Behaviors

Meighan & McKinnon [Morgan]–The Impact of Perceived Intelligence and Social Class on Impression Formation

Skinner [Wilson-VanVoorhis]–Perceptions of College Students in Long Distance Relationships


Hill [Vogt]–Attitudes Toward Mental Disorders Among College Students

College of Science and Allied Health (CSAH)


Chang [Maher]–Anthropomorphics, Dietary Habits, and Feelings About Health Among Wisconsin Hmong-Americans

Ellis [Cooper]–Expression and Purification of Histidine-Tagged VPS10 Domain of sorCS1 in a Baculovirus System


Jorgenson & Wawzryn [Weaver]–Hemolytic Activity of Truncated Hemolysin A Variants

Ritter & Olson [Monte]–Development of a Forensic Science Laboratory Module

Geography and Earth Science

Herdina [Berlin]–Water Quality in the Wuamundee Wetland

Health Professions

Buschke, Hart & Johnson [Kernozek & Ragan]–Changes in Lower Extremity Joint Stiffness wth Landing after Fatigue


Moore [Schwan]–Examination of the Virulence Genes in Nasal Isolates and Community-Acquired Strains of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus

McFarlane [Schwan]–Structure/Function Analysis of the Staphylococcus aureus PutP Protein


Chuzles, DiRocco, & Noffke [Jackson & Zink]–Measurement of Far-Infrared Laser Frequencies Generated by Optically Pumped N2H4 and N2D4

Chuzles, DiRocco, & Sutton [Jackson]–Reinvestigation of the NCN Radical Using Infrared Laser Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Garrod, Petersen, Stokes, & Theisen [Zink & Jackson]–Measurement of Far-infrared Laser Frequencies from Optically Pumped CHD2OH

Hart & Buschke [Ragan & Kernozek]–Rotational Spring and Damper Model Prediction During Landing

Yamashita [Sallmen]–Investigating OVI Emission Towards the Loop I Superbubble