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UW-La Crosse Journal of Undergraduate Research, Volume XIV (2011)

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College of Business Administration (CBA)


Aeschbach, Jared [Brokaw]–How Facebook Can Leverage Your Professional Sports Objectives

Holat, Kimberly [Brokaw]–Matching Personality Skills with Marketing Careers

Pradiptarini, Charity [Brokaw]–Social Media Marketing: Measuring Its Effectiveness and Identifying the Target Market

Teresinski, Jamie [Brokaw]–Who Gets the Job? A Study of How Personal Traits and Values Influence the Future Employment of Marketing and Communication Studies Majors

Weigel, Travis [Brokaw]–Is Sustainability Sustainable?  Issues of Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights Sustainability in Modern Business

College of Liberal Studies (CLS)

Communication Studies

Christensen, Katy [Dickmeyer, L]–You're the Only Person I Can Talk To:The Role of Self-Disclosure in the Social Construction of Friendship

Swenson, Angela [Dickmeyer, L]–You Make My Heart Beat Faster: A Quantitative Study of the Relationship Between Instructor Immediacy, Classroom Community, and Public Speaking Anxiety


Chariton, Jesse [Chavalas]–The Mesopotamian Origins of the Hittite Double-Headed Eagle

Murphy Library

Marshall, Brianna [Talpe]–Women's Lib and the UW-L Woman: 1970-1975

Political Science/Public Administration

Larsen, Katelyn [Arney]–The Endangered Species Act and Its Impacts on Gray Wolf Recovery in Yellowstone National Park


Byrne, Lauren & Tate, Melanie [Basten]–The Effects of Societal versus Professor Stereotype Threats on Female Math Performance

Eddy, Michelle & Sandor, Stephanie [Kortenkamp, Wilson]–Perceptions of Rape Perpetrators Based on Skin Tone, Attire, and Relationship to Victim

Jorgensen, Kelsey [Tobin]–Perceptions of Relationship Conflict as Predicted by Adult Attachment and Self-Esteem

Kranz, Kirsten [Ngo]–The Relationship Between Empowerment Care and Quality of Life Among Members of Assisted Living Facilities

Langdon, Catherine & van Oss, Nicholass [McKelley]–Pissed Drunk: The Effects of Anger on Binge Drinking Behavior

McElligott, Allyson [Basten]–Who's to blame?  Perceptions of Domestic Violence in Biracial Relationships


Lamb, Elizabeth [Tiffany, Theler]–Freshwater Mussel Shells from Three Late Prehistoric Glenwood Locality Earthlodge Sites in Western Iowa: Analysis of Species Composition and an Assessment of Shell Modification

Malone, Sarah [Bakken]–How Jimmy Aced His Exam: Theoretical Explanations for Non-Medical Prescription Drug Use on College Campuses

Plombon, Elizabeth [Delgado]–Factors Affecting Pro-Environmental Attitudes

Schmidt, Susan [Delgado]–Work-Life Conflict: Factors Associated with Negative Spillover from Home to Work

College of Science and Health (CSH)


Wojcik, Kyle [Seebach, Howard]–Acute Application of NT-3 on Neonatal Rat Spinal Cords

Yang, Xiong [Maher, Rott, Cooper]–Effects of Traditional Hmong Herbal Tea on Urinary Parameters Associated with Kidney Stones


Hammond, Janelle [Kelly]–Mathematics of Music


Harrington, Sean [Gansen]–Decomposition of Noise Contributions in QDOGFET Single-Photon Detectors

Recreation Management/Therapeutic Recreation

Reed, Rebecca [Berns]–Reactions to a Recurring Sports Event in a Non-Traditional Location