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UW-La Crosse Journal of Undergraduate Research, Volume XI (2008)

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College of Business Administration (CBA)


Anderson, Christopher [Anderson]–The Effects of Tourism on the Cusco Region of Peru

Yang, Leng [Anderson]–Tranquility of Tanzania, a Nation Surrounded by Violence


Hoesly, Maureen [Betton]–Does Fair Trade Deliver? Coffee Farms in San Martín de Pangoa, Peru


Erdmann, Kaitlin [Achenreiner]–Exploring Ethnocentric Consumer Behavior in Children and Latino-Americans

Sherman, Melissa [Achenreiner]–English and Español: A Comparison of Hispanic Magazine Advertisements and their English Counterparts

College of Liberal Studies (CLS)

Communication Studies

Truax, Liz [Dickmeyer, S]–Working Abroad: A Qualitative Study on Cultural Adjustments and Difficulties while Working with Other Cultures

Educational Studies

Adamczyk, Phillip [Richardson]–Novel Production and Publishing

Armstrong, Angela [Shanks]–Fluency and Fun in Spanish through TPRS: An Action Research Project

Fick, Kathryn [Malisa & Macías-González (History)]–Cultural, Educational, and Historical Origins of Costa Rican and Nicaraguan Intercultural Conflict

Modern Languages

Lange, Cheryl [Rusterholz]–Men and Women Writing Women: The Female Perspective and Feminism in U.S. Novels and African Novels in French by Male and Female Authors


Hines, Jourdan [Ross]–The Meaning of Life


Chapiewsky, Kristin & Lund, Danielle [Morgan]–The Relationship between Gender-Role Orientation and Creative Activity

Christoff, Stacy & Orcholski, Craig [Wilson]–Who’s to Blame? Sexual Orientation and Hate Crimes

DeDeyn, Rachel [Wilson]–A Comparison of Academic Stress Among Australian and International Students

Eck, Michelle & Thoftne, Ashley [VanVoorhis]–Memory Conformity and Eyewitness Testimony

Gille-Knauf, Tiffany & Mittag, Rachel [Oyster]–Smart and Sexy? Major and Clothing’s Influence on Perceptions of Intelligence

Jansen, Amanda [Morgan]–A Cross Cultural Study of Body Image and Eating Habits Between Genders

Mears, Elizabeth & Neevel, Melissa [Morgan]–“You Are Being Unfair”: Emotional Trigger Phrases and Conflict

Oliver, Meagan & Shirkey, Amanda [Wilson]–The Relationship of Adult Attachment and Perceptions of Romantic Conflict

Schaaf, Katherine [Morgan & Vogt (Sociology & Archeology)]–Empathy: Victim Impact Panels and DWI Offenders

Sokol, Justin [Wilson]–Ongoing Struggles Versus Resolved Issues: Are Either Appropriate for a Therapist to Reveal?


Grunke, Kim [Lloyd]–The Effect of Christianity on the British Celts

Harms, Sheena [Theler]–Terrestrial and Aquatic Mollusks as Environmental Indicators at the Brogley Rockshelter, Grant County, Wisconsin

Nyseth, Hollie [Gongaware]–“I Am Not Lazy”: Panhandling in Urban Mexico

College of Science and Health (CSH)


Fitschen, Peter [Maher & Winfrey (Microbiology)]–Effects Of Daily Black Walnut Consumption On Blood Lipid Levels

Geography and Earth Science

Froehlich, Miranda [Wilder]–Development of a Tree-Ring Chronology from Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginia, L.) for the Upper Mississippi River Valley

Prock, Larry [Rafique]–The General Wind Characteristics of the Greater La Crosse Region

Health Education & Health Promotion

Barth, Melissa [Rees]–A Nutrition Assessment of Dietary Practices of Mexicans Living in the State of Veracruz, Mexico

Dunks, Molly [Caravella]–How are Local Health Agencies Promoting Open Lines of Communication Between Parents and Children Regarding Sexual Health in a Midwestern Community?


Fitzpatrick, Michael [Kattchee]–Elasticities of Almost Factorial Domains

Rozner, Sarah [Kelly]–Winifred Edgerton Merrill: Her Contributions to Mathematics and Women’s Opportunities


Vaughan, Paul [Sallmen]–H-alpha Imaging of an Interstellar Neutral Hydrogen Shell

Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation

Kaufman, Elizabeth [Ardovino]–Effects of Montessori Painting on an Older Adult with Dementia