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UW-La Crosse Journal of Undergraduate Research, Volume XIII (2010)

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College of Business Administration (CBA)


Bolk, Tamara [Achenreiner]–Study Abroad: An Exploration of Service-Learning Programs

Carlson, Catherine [Achenreiner]–Desensitization of Infantilization

Harguth, Jennifer [Achenreiner]–Childhood Obesity: The Role of Dairy Products

Logan, Nichole [Achenreiner]–Employee Wellness in La Crosse Area Small Businesses/p>

College of Liberal Studies (CLS)

Communication Studies

Brusko, Leah [Dickmeyer, L]–Organized Chaos: A Survey of Conflict Management Strategies, Gender Roles, and Status in an Organizational Setting

Deese, Mackenzie [Dickmeyer, L]–“Do You Know Why I Am The Way I Am?”  A Study of Masculinity in War Films


Deese, Mackenzie [Crutchfield–A Study of Women’s Roles and Star Personas in the Films of Frank Capra

Gilbertson, Ben [Eschenbaum]–The Ramifications of Language and the Incompleteness of a Social Self in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Political Science/Public Administration

Bantle, Elena [Arney]–Creating Patagonia National Park: Understanding Community Response to National Park Creation by a Private Foreign Non-profit Organization


Belitz, Katie & Frank, Anthony [VanVoorhis]–The Influence of the Media on Food Consumption and Body Image

Entringer, Tiffany & Starck, Lee [O’Brien]–What’s in a Voice? Vocal Characteristics and Their Influence on Courtroom Decision Making

Ganser, Jaden & Huda, Fareen [Cary]–Music’s Effect on Mood and Helping Behavior

Gorski, Emily [McKelley]–Stoic, Stubborn, or Sensitive: How Masculinity Affects Men’s Help-Seeking and Help-Referring Behaviors

Grames, Molly & Leverentz, Cortney [Oyster]–Attitudes Toward Persons with Disabilities: A Comparison of Chinese and American Students

Lewandowski, Kevin & Schrage, Tara [Caya]–A Comparison of Relationship Satisfaction and Sexual Satisfaction in Short-term and Long-term Relationships

Rowe-Johnson, Meaghan [Blumentritt]–Does Happy at Home Mean Happy at Work? Life Satisfaction and Sales Performance

VanEyll, Emily & Van Wyck, Laura [Morgan]–Influence of STIs on Condom Use Behavior in College Age Women

Residence Life, International Education

Maly, Tabetha [Nicklaus, Kouba]–The Effects of Traditional Spanish Culture on Women’s Choices to Attend College

Sociology & Archaeology

Bailey, Amanda [Arzigian]–Artificial Cranial Modification at the Carson Mounds Site

Huston, Melyssa [Arzigian]–Black-on-White Connections: A Look at the Relationship of Black-on-White Bowls with Burials

Jagielski, Lauren [McAndrews]–Consumerism in the Late Eighteenth Century: The Treatment of Disposed Tobacco Pipes from the Mount Pleasant Site (46JF215) Jefferson County, West Virginia

Kelly, Elizabeth [McAndrews, Anderson]–Mount Vernon Distillery Project: Of Workers and Race

Schultz, Ashley [McAndrews]–Analysis of Paleoethnobotanical Data at the Pirque Alto Site in the Cochabamba Valley of Bolivia: A Comparison to Primary and Secondary Centers

Sitek, Matthew [McAndrews]–An Examination of Block V at the Site of Pirque Alto in Cochabamba, Bolivia: A Household Archaeological Perspective

Solveson, Samantha [Vogt]–Perceptions of the Death Penalty: The Effects of Race and Type of Execution

Tomcek, Laura [Arzigian, Theler, Tiffany]–Heath Site (39LN15): Faunal and Floral Analysis of a Great Oasis Site

Wood, Jacob [Hippert, Gongaware]–Stricture and Solidarity:  Agency and Community Development in Huancarani, Bolivia

College of Science and Health (CSH)

Exercise & Sport Science

Day, Molly & Ploen, Emily [Gillette]–The Effectiveness of Cryotherapy in the Treatment of Exercise-Induced Muscle Soreness

Health Professions

Schouweiler, Ryan & Hess, Karina [Kernozek]–Comparison of Kinematics and Kinetics During Drop and Drop Jump Performance


Hemmer, Michael [Toribio]–A Robustness Study of N-Mixture Models in Estimating Animal Population Sizes

Vang, Pa Houa & Thao, Yang Cha [Kosiak, McHugh]–Linking Hmong Culture and Children’s Literature