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Volume XXIV (2021)

A page within Journal of Undergraduate Research

Table of Contents

UW-La Crosse Journal of Undergraduate Research, Volume XXIV (2021)

Articles are organized below by UWL college and department, and then listed alphabetically by undergraduate student author(s).

Entries appear in the following format: Student Author(s), [Faculty Mentor(s)]–Title.

Clicking on any title link below will allow you to download/view the entire article as an Adobe.pdf file.

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities (CASSH)

Archaeology and Anthropology

Kinney, Emily (Nicodemus) - Social Dynamics in Bronze Age Europe: A Zooarchaeological Perspective

Communication Studies

Flood, Josiah (Dickmeyer) - Queer Christianity: A Qualitative Co-Cultural Study

Lange, Abigail (Lavelle) - The Twitter of Donald J. Trump During an Age of Uncertainty: The COVID-19 Pandemic

Werner, Lily (Dickmeyer) - “I’m so OCD!”: A Qualitative Study Examining Disclosure of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


Digman, Emma (Thoune) - Content Analysis: Representation of Down syndrome in Children’s Literature

Koziol, Callie (Thoune) -  Journaling’s Impact on Mental Health

Laman, Sarah (Zhang) - Heaven and Hell as Present Realities: The Use and Purpose of Literary Imagery in C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce

Nikula, Sofia (Wilkie) - The Human, the Non-Human, and the Thing

Stumpf, Olivia (Wilkie) - Globalization of Environmental Justice

Templeton, Olivia (Wilkie) - In Search of [a] Reason: Questioning Considering Answers as Solutions

Vaillant, Madison (Wilkie) -  Human vs. Nonhuman: How Marginalized Communities Are Considered “Things”


Jaeger, Johnathon (Beaujot & Trimmer) - “Dance Halls or Dance Hells:”  Turn-of-the-Century La Crosse Adolescents and Social Reformers

Political Science & Public Administration

Jensen, Gunner (Arney) - An Evaluation of Policy Restrictions on LGBTQ Blood Donations


Golisch, Bailee (Rozek) - Stressed out and Under Pressure: Decision-making in the Healthcare Field

Murray, Ryan (Thakkar) - A Review of Synesthesia: Historical and Current Perspectives

Vian, Sydney (Deason) - The Impostor Phenomenon and Implicit Theories of Intelligence


College of Business Administration (CBA)


Korish, Devyn (Hamman) - Emissions Permissions: A Study of California’s Smog Check Program


College of Science and Health (CSH)


Koehnke, Heidi (Vander Vorste) - A Review of Trends and Stressors Related to Hexagenia Mayfly Populations to Determine Future Research Development

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Bussan, Kennedy, Josie Lammers, Riley Allison, Kyle Faivre (Stepanova) - Synthetic efforts towards the development of a microwave synthesis of ethyl benzoate

Faivre, Kyle, Sam Kallis, Kaitlyn Michalek, and Ashley Landon (Stepanova) -  Computational efforts towards the analysis of synthetic preference of cis and trans isomers of the chalcones 4-chlorochalcone, 2-methoxychalcone and 3,4-methylenedioxychalcone

Faivre, Kyle, and Nico Lang (Stepanova) -  Performance Comparison of Single-Mode and Batch Microwave Reactors Using Curcuminoid Synthesis

Kallis, Sam, Kaitlyn Michalek, Ashley Landon, and Kyle Faivre (Stepanova) -  Synthetic Efforts towards the Development of a Microwave Synthesis of Isobutyl Propionate Ester

Mauch, Emily, Tyler Hall, Michelle Greenfield (Stepanova) - Computational efforts towards the analysis of synthetic preference of cis and trans isomers of o-anisaldehyde chalcone derivatives

Philpott, Kyle, Claire Trudeau, Allyssa Moser, and Ryan Kieffer (Stepanova) -  Computational efforts towards the thermodynamic analysis of product preference for chalcones formed from the p-anisaldehyde and ketones: acetophenone, p-methylacetophenone, and indanone

Trudeau, Claire (Stepanova) - Synthetic Efforts and Computational Modeling towards Nitrogen-containing Curcumin-related Compounds

Mathematics & Statistics

Floersch, Sean (Vidden) - Why the 2020 Dodgers Are the Greatest Team of All Time, at Least Statistically


School of Education (SOE)