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UW-La Crosse Journal of Undergraduate Research, Volume XV (2012)

Articles are organized below by UW-L college and department, and then listed alphabetically by undergraduate student author.

Entries appear in the following format: Student Author(s), [Faculty Mentor(s)]–Title.

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College of Business Administration (CBA)


Fallon, Megan [Brokaw]– Like” to Loyalty: A study on whether or not social media promotions lead to a lifetime of consumer brand loyalty

Probst, Ali [Brokaw]- The Expectations of Quick Response (QR) Codes in Print Media:  An Empirical Data Research Anthology

Rattray, Jennifer [Brokaw]- The Implications of the Increasing Global Demand for Corn

Schoenberg, Hannah [Brokaw]- #socialmedia @thefilmindustry


College of Liberal Studies (CLS)


Klinge, Joseph [Macías-González]– Hmong American Experience: The Definition of Success in America

Modern Languages

Yearnous, Janet [Howell]–French in the Face of Arabization: Language Attitudes among High School Students in Rabat

Political Science/Public Administration

Brooks, Adia [Manrique]– Black Negrophobia and Black Self-Empowerment: Afro-Descendant Responses to Societal Racism in São Paulo, Brazil

Henderson, Hannah [Block]- Congressional Conquest:  Examining Factors Affecting Legislative Triumph


Kocik, Cynthia [Arzigian]– Regional Variation in Hopewell Copper Use

King, Eric [Kopp]-Comics, Rhetorical Style, and Arrangement

Turtenwald, Adnrea [Miller]- Physical Intimacy and Equity in the Maintenance of College Students’ Romantic Relationships


College of Science and Health (CSH)


Beckwith, Kaylee and Long, Nicole [Liu, Cooper]–Effects of restraint stress on CRF2 receptor expression in enteric neurons in the rat stomach.