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UW-La Crosse Journal of Undergraduate Research, Volume XIII (2009)

Articles are organized below by UW-L college and department, and then listed alphabetically by undergraduate student author.

Entries appear in the following format: Student Author(s), [Faculty Mentor(s)]–Title.

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College of Business Administration (CBA)


Beilman, Michael [Anderson]–Microfinances in Rural Ecuador: A Case Study of la Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Desarrollo de los Pueblos CODESARROLLO Ltda.


Bhatia, Vinisha [Betton]–Empowering Women: Self-Employed Women’s Association’s Alternative Business Model

Yang, Ger [Betton]–Investigating the Agricultural Techniques Used by the Hmong in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

Whisler, Jeanne [Betton, Rivera (Philosophy)]–A Critique of Fair Trade

College of Liberal Studies (CLS)


Vice, Katie [Grant]–Photographic Printing on Non-Traditional Surfaces

Communication Studies

Lessard, Gina [Dickmeyer, S]–Persuasion, Symbols, and Alfajores: A Qualitative Study of Unique Advertising Approaches in Argentina


Campfield, Megan [Jessee]–Caged Birds and Subjugated Authority: A Study of the Thematic and Historic Significance of Bird Imagery within the Works of Fanny Fern, Kate Chopin, and Susan Glaspell

Frank, Emily [Crank]–Student-Professor Interactions in Spanish vs. American Classrooms

Nelson, Jaime [Cashion]–You Finished Writing Your Novel—Now What?: Revision, Editors, and Publication


Rohr, Stephanie [Hamilton]–The Response of the International Community to the Rwanda Genocide

Modern Languages

Blazek, Kelliann [Lake]–Hispanic Content in Agricultural Publications

Helgesen, Caitlin [Hindson]–Mexican Immigrant Challenges in the United States Public School System: A Case Study of Two Schools


Brown, Michael [Rivera]–A Comparative Study of Aristotle and Edmund Husserl’s Analyses of Time

Taylor, Kristin [Rivera]–Phenomenological Interpretation of Descartes


Henze, Elizabeth [Morgan]–Sex Sells: Sexiness and Perceived Competence in Male vs. Female Rock Musicians

Jubert, Thomas [Ngo]–Who Seeks Help? A Global Perspective on Attitudes Toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help: Vietnam, Hong Kong, and the United States

Ratter, Emilie & Riccioli, Cassie [Blumentritt]–If I am a Slut, Then What is He?: A Developmental Analysis of the Sexual Double Standard

Shinners, Erin [Morgan]–Effects of the “What is Beautiful is Good” Stereotype on Perceived Trustworthiness

Sociology & Archaeology

Borland, Kaitlyn [Theler, Arzigian]–An Archaeological Analysis To Determine Seasonality At The Cade 9 Site In Vernon County, Wisconsin

Gutierrez, Shaheen [Lloyd]–The Effects of Trade on Traditional Subsistence Patterns in Eastern Tanzania: The Case of the Masaai

Jagielski, Lauren [McAndrews]–Consumerism in the Late Eighteenth Century: The Treatment of Disposed Tobacco Pipes From the Mount Pleasant Site (46JF215) Jefferson County, West Virginia

Kaercher, Kyra [Anderson]–A Comparison of Ceramics from Uruk and Susa circa 3000 B.C.

Karol, Amy [Arzigian, Anderson]–A Comparative Study of the Swennes Woven Nettle Bag and Weaving Techniques

Rafn, Gregory [Miller]–How to Stay Healthy? An Exploration in Local Attitudes Towards U.S. Health Care Policy

Rich, Jennifer [Arzigian]–A Comparative Study of Human Mortuary Practices and Cultural Change in the Upper Midwest

Schott, Amy [McAndrews]–A Comparison of Iconography from Northwestern Costa Rica and Central Mexico

Thompson, Alex [Gongaware]–Interpreting Kahle’s List of Values: Being Respected, Security, and Self-Fulfillment in Context

Turriff, Emily [Theler]–An Analysis Of Fish Remains From The Krause Site (47Lc41) In La Crosse County, WI

Theatre Arts

Staats, Jonathan [Cherne]–Elder, Grand Guignol: In Living Horror

University Honors Program

Pitel, Julie [Hoskins]–Guatemalan Adoption Policies: Who are they protecting?

College of Science and Health (CSH)


Symmank, Shane [Strauss]–Nutrient Limitation of Periphyton in Western Wisconsin Streams during Winter Baseflow Months

Fish, Alyssa & Ryan, Nicholas [Downey]–Protein Interaction between Basal Body and Kinetoplast DNA Complex within Trypanosoma brucei

Exercise & Sport Science

Olsen, Kate [Gillette]–Comparing Pre-Competition Carbohydrate Consumption in Female Collegiate Gymnasts to Consumption Recommended By Current Literature

Health Education & Health Promotion

Hoppe, Christina [Jecklin]–Ecotourism in Peru and the Relationship to Community Health:  An International Qualitative Research Study

Seger, Erin [Rees]–A Comparison of Cancer Control Organizations in the United States and United Kingdom


Baur, Tyler & Lukes, Dylan [Toribio]–An Evaluation of the IRT Models through Monte Carlo Simulation

Belter, Andy, [Hasenbank, Kosiak]–The Impact of Teaching Algebra with a Focus on Procedural Understanding

Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation

Goodman, Alexandra [Berns]–Teen and Adult Activities Onboard a Cruise Ship

Kirsch, Krysten [Berns, Simpson]–Environmental Philosophies of College Students in Vietnam and the U.S.