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UW-La Crosse JUR, Volume VI (2003)

Articles are organized below by UW-L college and department, and then listed alphabetically by undergraduate student author.

Entries appear in the following format: Student Author(s), [Faculty Mentor(s)] – Title.

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College of Business Administration


Mimura [Achenreiner] – Color and POP: The Effective Use of Colors for Point of Purchase Displays

College of Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Teacher Education

Exercise and Sport Science

Bazett-Jones [McBride] – Effect of Potentiation and Stretching on Maximal Force, Rate of Force Development, and Range of Motion

Egan [McGuigan] – Session Rating Of Perceived Exertion During High Intensity and Low Intensity Bouts of Resistance Exercise

Goodman-Larson, Johnson & Shevlin [Skemp-Arlt] – The Effect of Meal Frequency on Preprandial Resting Metabolic Rate

Linder [McGuigan] – The Effect of Heavy Resistance Exercise on the Circadian Rhythm of Salivary Cortisol in Women

College of Liberal Studies

Communication Studies

Brown [Dickmeyer] – Media Impact on Elite Gymnasts

Katorski [Dickmeyer] – Father/Daughter Relationships: Effects of Communicative Adaptability and Satisfaction on Daughter's Romantic Relationships

Kratt [Knox] – Female Entrepreneurs and Credibility: A Qualitative Study on How Female Entrepreneurs Communicate Their Credibility

Mann [Dickmeyer] – Relationship Between Metacommunication among Romantic Partners and Their Level of Relationship Satisfaction


Gile [Sinclair] – The History of Dalkeith House and Estate

Modern Languages

Ritger [Socha] – Signos de Repetición en Unas Obras de García Márquez: el Desgaste de la Historia, el Tiempo y el Círculo


Halverson [Miller & Freeman (political science)] – Lifting the Dark Threat: The Impact of Metaphor in the War Against Terror

O’Connor [Kraemer] – Connectionism: A Current Approach to Mind in Cognitive Science and Philosophy

Stine [Maly & Miller] – Buddhism Meets the West


Corrie [Van Voorhis] – The Influence of Speaker Credibility on Information Recall

Dunn [Taylor] – The Role of Disability Status on Perceived Roommate Compatibility

Flicek & Urbas [Wilson-Van Voorhis] – Coed Versus Single-Sex Residence Halls: Correlates of Disordered Eating Behavior

Lund & Blaedon [Morgan] – Sex And The Media: The Impact Of Television Habits On Sexual Perception

Pease & Raether [Morgan] – Shift Working and Well-being: A Physiological and Psychological Analysis of Shift Workers

Squire & Newhouse [Van Voorhis] – Racial Effects in Sentencing: The Influence of Facial Features and Skin Tone

College of Science and Allied Health


Appleman [Hanmer] – Screening for Root Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne hapla) Using Lettuce

Bolen [Ruhser] – A Survey of Amphibians and Reptiles on a 318 Acre Dry Grassland Property in La Crosse County, Wisconsin

Jones [Miskowski] – Using RNA-Mediated Interference to Investigate the Role of Novel Proteins in Caenorhabditis elegans Gonadogenesis


Cordes [Czerwinski] – Synthesis of a Brominated Biphenyl Chromium Tricarbonyl Complex


Larson [Abdulaziz-Elfessi] – Statistical Alternatives for Studying Success in Elementary Statistics: A Comparative Analysis of Logit and Linear Regression


Lehmann [Schwan] – The Regulation of the Staphylococcus aureus putP Gene

Occupational Therapy

Anderson, Balik, Rubens & Thoreson [McCannon] – Implementation and Evaluation of a Pilot Support Group for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injuries

Johnson, Johnson, Zurawski & Siegel [Dougherty-Harris] – The Experiences of Being a Rural Occupational Therapist


Batell [Ragan] – Quantum Correlation Functions of 1-Dimensional Paramagnets

Buschke, Ignasiak, Bushmaker & Woodworth [Ragan, Kernozek (physical therapy) & Miller (chemistry)] – Computer Simulations of Two-Component Wheelchair Cushions

DiRocco, Chuzles, Knier, Schwalbe & Sutton [Jackson] – Reinvestigation of Far-Infrared Laser Emissions From Hydrazine and Deuterated Isotopes of Difluoromethane and Methanol