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UW-La Crosse Journal of Undergraduate Research, Volume X (2007)

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College of Business Administration (CBA)


Bravick, Kara [Burrowes, Ashley]–No Eulogy upon the Demise of the Public Oversight Board


Freedlund, Derek [Anderson, Donna M.]–Government Response to Terrorism

Roland, Kevin [Anderson, Donna M.]–Financial Plans for the Y-Generation


Keuhn, Kira [Betton, John]–‘Garbage is not Garbage’ & “Bus Tubes”: Recycling and Transport in the Sustainable City: Curitiba, Brazil

Krage, Rebecca [Betton, John]–A Cross Cultural Study of the Implementations of Human Rights in Multinational Organizations

O’Neill, Melissa [Betton, John]–Making Bread with Street Kids: Siemens Social Responsibility Projects in Curitiba, Brazil


Byrnes, Kimberly [Brokaw, Stephen]–The Sharing of Culture: Global Consumerism

Gilbert, Andrew J. [Brokaw, Stephen]–The Value of Green Marketing Education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

College of Liberal Studies (CLS)


Duddeck, Mai Chao [Seung-Ryul, Shin]–Hmong Traditions: Understanding a Way of Life

Communication Studies

Stach, Whitney [Dickmeyer, Linda]–Sister Sister: Interpreting Intimacy in Sibling Relationships


Bavlnka, Tim [Jesse, Sharon]–The Interdependent Relationship of Artists and Writers in Comic Books

Smolarek, Bailey [Jessee, Sharon]–Causes and Effects of Guatemalan Immigration to the United States

Vollmer, Erin [Gappa, Richard]–Harry’s World: An Exploration of J.K. Rowling’s Social and Political Agenda in the Harry Potter Series

Kuennen, Joel [Kopp, Bryan & Reithel, Curt]–Cultural Disjuncture in the European Union: a Narrative Approach to Integration

Modern Languages

Armstrong, Matthew D. [Calmes, Victoria & Vanderhyden, Connie]–Sigue la Lucha: The Changing Face of a Revolution


Golec, Aaron M. [Ross, Sheryl]–Humor within the Iron System

Neely, Crystal [Ross, Sheryl]–The Significance of Food in Culture: Is Taste an Art Form?

Political Science and Public Administration

Schreiber, Jason [Heim, Joseph P.]–Direct-to-Consumer Advertising and its Effects on the Costs of Healthcare

Valkov, Volodymyr [Reithel, Curt]–Why and How Must Present Energy Security Policies Be Improved


Brown, Molly & Gorman, Caitlin [Morgan, Betsy J.]–“Porn” and Ovulation: A Winning Combination?

Dorendorf, Kathryn L. & Belcher, Cassandra J. [Wilson, Carmen]–How Topic of Disclosure Influences Perceptions of Femininity

Huchendorf, Lynnay [Cary, Melanie]–The Effects of Color on Memory

Kahn, Sarah [Morgan, Betsy L.]–Factors Influencing Intentions to Marry: A Comparison of Americans and Australians

Lueck, Micah D. [VanVoorhis, Bart A.]–Anxiety Levels: Do they Influence the Perception of Time?

Malicki, Michelle [Oyster, Carol]–Code Blue! (Or Pink?): Perceptions of Men and Women Physicians in Specific Gender Dominated Medical Subfields

Nillissen, Brianne & Young, Caitlin [Morgan, Betsy L.]–Masculinity and Femininity: Do Sex, Race, and Social Class Matter?

Olbrantz, Sarah & Peterson, Megan [VanVoorhis, Bart A.]–Caffeine and College: The Perceived Effects of Caffeine on Heart Rate and Alertness

Scher, Nicole & Thompson, Tanya [Morgan, Betsy L.]–Self-Monitoring and Conformity: A Comparison of Self-Report and Behavioral Measures

Swett, Laura & Schreiber, Brienne [Morgan, Betsy L.]–Danish and American students’ attitudes towards gay and lesbian parenting

Weltzien, Michelle [Oyster, Carol]–A Lifespan Portrait of Aging Expectations and Health Behaviors

Schmidt, Julie E. [Blumentritt, Tracie]–From Intentions to Actions: The Role of Environmental Awareness on College Students


Aurit, Amy[Theler, James & Arzigian, Constance]–An Archaeological Analysis of the Swennes Upper Garden Site: Temporal and Seasonal Indicators

Green, Elizabeth [McAndrews, Timothy]–Analysis of Archaeological Sampling Methods Using the Complete Surface Data from the Pirque Alto Site in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Lohman, Nicole [Arzigian, Constance]–Determination of Period of Cultural Occupation at The Harriet Johnson Site (FS # 05-891)

Siferd, Heidi [McAndrews, Timothy]–Cultural Complexity and the Ceramics of Pirque Alto

Sullivan, Stephanie M. [Theler, James & Wilder, Dean]–Geophysical Prospection in the Cade Archaeological District of Vernon County, Wisconsin

Petrus, Erin R. [Zollweg, William G.]–Fighting the Addiction: The Effectiveness of the La Crosse County Drug Court Program

Woods, Jessica [Gongaware, Timothy]–“A Hangout with a View” Rural Strip Clubs: An Ethnographic Exploration

Plunger, Elizabeth M. [McAndrews, Timothy L.]–Evaluation of the Nature of Tiwanaku Presence in the Cochabamba Valley of Bolivia: A Ceramic Analysis of the Pirque Alto Site (CP-11)

College of Science and Health (CSH)


De Vault, Audra [Saros, Jasmine]–Links Between Climate Change and the Abundance of Cyclotella stelligera in Alpine Lakes

Koski, Benjamin [Saros, Jasmine]–Community and Species-level Phosphorus Limitation Patterns in Alpine Lakes

Geography and Earth Science

Johrendt, Ben [Handley, James]–The Impacts of Volcanoes on Guatemala and its People


Tainter, Craig [Baggett, Jeffrey]–Decryption of Chaotically Encrypted Signals Using Neural Networks


Larson, Thomas R. [Schwan, William R.]–Screening Various Plant and Fungal Extracts Against Clostridium perfringens for Antimicrobial Activity

Magnusson, Leif [Hoffman, Michael]–Analysis of the Human Parainfluenza Virus Replication Promoter

Rossing, Jake S. & Hietpas, Nolan J. [Bratina, Bonnie Jo]–Isolation of Anaerobic Microbiota of Slug Intestinal Tract


Borstad, Gustav M.; Connell, Cathy ; Uranga, Chris [Jackson, Michael & Zink, Lyndon]–Discovery and Frequency Measurement of Short-Wavelength Far-Infrared Laser Emissions From Optically Pumped 13CD3OH and CHD2OH

Hakala, Joshua [Sallmen, Shauna]–H-alpha Imaging of an Old Neutral Shell in the ISM

Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation

Larkin, Ashley [Ardovino, Patricia]–A Comparison of Recreation Activities Offered to Individuals with Developmental Disabilities in Facilities Located in West Salem, Wisconsin and Turin, Italy

Tadt, Rachel [Simpson, Steve]–An Evaluation of Physical Impacts in Backcountry Camping Areas at Glacier National Park