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UW-La Crosse JUR, Volume II (1999)

Articles are organized below by UW-L college and department, and then listed alphabetically by undergraduate student author.

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Biology / Microbiology Chemistry Computer Science English
History Mathematics Philosophy Psychology
Recreation Management Sociology & Archaeology    

College of Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Teacher Education

Recreation Management

Author Advisor Title
Joe Dyess, Carol Taylor, Brett Altergott Arimond 1998 Market Survey of La Crosse Area Tourists and Visitors

College Liberal Arts


Author Advisor Title
Susanne Soltvedt White-Parks Hans Nielson Hauge: The Influence of the Hauge Movement on Women of Norway


Author Advisor Title
Christopher L. Bailey Sinclair The Hamlet Mythos


Author Advisor Title
Robin A. Pagel Miller In Search of a "Feminine" Mode of Mysticism: The Experiences of Women Mystics of Medieval Christendom and the Twentieth Century
Whitney Strub Miller Anaximander's Boomerang: Tracing the Return of a Pre-Socratic Notion


Author Advisor Title
Jessica A. Brieske, Angela M. Lazers Johnson Fat or Thin? The Relationship of Body Image to the Perception of Others
Elizabeth A. Cramer, Michelle S. Kellogg Wilson Perceptions of Peer Verbal Sexual Harassment: Gender of Perpetrator and Victim Effects
Brandy Olson Morgan Perceptions of Nonverbal Communication: A Comparison of Corporate and Undergraduate Samples

Sociology and Archaeology

Author Advisor Title
Megan Curtes Reese-Taylor A Study of a Housemound at the Stie of RBS-2, Belize, Central America
Jennifer Vander Galien Reese-Taylor Royal Mayan Tomb

College of Science and Allied Health

Biology and Microbiology

Author Advisor Title
Timothy A. Bloomquist Cooper The Effectiveness of Recominant Fibroblast Growth Factor in Promoting Growth in Non-Human Cells
Denise L. Dahle and Peter J. Schaaf Maher and Rajagopal Therapeutic Effects of Cow and Soy Milk Yogurt Consumption on Chemically Induced Colon Tumors in Rats
Ann M. Foss Maher and Foss A Study of the Effectiveness of CK One-Step Lenses for Correcting Myopia
Jason Johnston Bratina The Phylogenetic Characterization of a Bioluminescent Bacterium Isolated from Shrimp
Kellie Kroc Ruhser Survey of Small Mammals in a Wet Meadow Habitat of the Upper Mississippi River Floodplain
Peter J. Schaaf Maher and Wilson Source Variation in Antioxidant Capacity of Cranberries from Eight U.S. Cultivars
Chelsey A. Simuncak and Ethan A. Rooney Maher Effects of Gallbladder Removal on Cholecystokinin-Mediated Food Intake in Mice
Sarah D. Steenlage and Lisa M. Tepp Taylor Location of Lymphocytes in the Bovine Mammary Gland
Rebecca A. Stoehr Cooper Negatively Charged H-helix in Human Antithrombin
Molly S. Thomas Cooper Replacement of the Reactive Site Loop of Human Antithrombin III with that of Protein C Inhibitor


Author Advisor Title
Michael S. Whiteside Monte Synthesis of Hexahydrobenzodipyrans as Ring-Expanded Analogues of Potent Serotonin 5-HT2A/2C Receptor Probes
Amy Kelly Monte Art-Science Connections: An Investigation of Creative Innovation

Computer Science

Author Advisor Title
Jennifer Davison, Kelly Hasler Sutherland Exploiting Composite Features in Robot Navigation
Ladd Van Tol, Jennifer Casper Sutherland Golem: The Vehicular Robot Project


Author Advisor Title
Jeff Smith Hoar and Ragan Commotion and Catamarans