Note from the director

Welcome to University Centers!

The Student Union is the living room for campus. We see the Union as the center of campus life, which facilitates learning, and provides services and programs that foster an inclusive environment. Students tell us the first floor dining area, the fireplaces, and the theater are the most popular areas in the building. I see students enjoying our spaces, eating, studying, playing games, and socializing with friends. One of my personal joys is when I see students using the patios or the picnic tables around the south lawn on a nice sunny day.

We continue to see an increase in the use of the building. We welcomed the end of construction to the Prairie Springs Project-Phase I, next to The U, so our new neighbors can easily drop in. Involvement on campus and working with students to engage in their out of classroom experience, is a priority for University Centers. We have expanded the programming that occurs within the Student Union to include more weekend and action oriented programs. We have found that students enjoy creating various crafts and events such as The Murder Mystery Game. Films continue to be an important part of the Campus Activities Board program, while a variety of events in the Entertainment Café continue to be popular. I believe students learn from events, and learn from their engagement at UW-La Crosse. My goal is to get students involved with events, join a student organization or Fraternity and Sorority Life, as soon as they arrive on campus. Student Organization information can be found at UWL Recognized Student Organizations/MyOrgs. To better understand where student interest lies, we recently started asking students to swipe into events with their student ID's. This has helped us interpret student need, and amend the services we offer.

It is our privilege to serve students here at the Student Union, and finding opportunities to meet students’ needs continues to be our priority. We pride ourselves on serving you, and your families and friends, during your time here at UWL. I invite you to see a film, join an organization, and eat at the Union or Whitney Center. Take a risk, step outside your comfort-zone, share a smile with a passerby, and find a new way to enjoy the opportunities available to you at UW-La Crosse.

Come to the U… get involved; enjoy your campus living room!

"UC, as the center of campus life, facilitates learning and provides services and programs that foster an inclusive environment."  University Centers Mission

Larry J. Ringgenberg, Ph.D.
Director, University Centers
3228 Student Union - UW-La Crosse
La Crosse, WI  54601
Telephone:  608.785.8888