Kyle Burke  Profile of Kyle Burke  Office hours

University Centers Director
3228 Student Union

Mary Vahala  Profile of Mary Vahala  Office hours

University Centers Associate Director
3224 Student Union

Michael Slevin  Profile of Michael Slevin  Office hours

Associate Director
3234 Student Union

Specialty areas:

Inclusive, safe, & welcoming Union environment
Union operations
University Centers student employment

Jacob Hart  Profile of Jacob Hart

Associate Director Sdt Engmt & Ldrshp
3200 Student Union

Administrative staff

Tricia Aleckson  Profile of Tricia Aleckson  Office hours

Financial Specialist II
3242 Student Union

Specialty areas:

Supervisor of Information Center/Ticketing Services
Supervisor of University Centers Administration Student Staff

Karen Daniel  Profile of Karen Daniel  Office hours

Administrative Assistant III
3230 Student Union

Specialty areas:

Directors Program Assistant, Licensing & Trademark Approvals

Ashley Hansen  Profile of Ashley Hansen  Office hours

Dining Plan/Id Card Specialist
1133 Student Union

Program advisors

Willem Vanroosenbeek  Profile of Willem Vanroosenbeek

Student Affairs Director (C)
2214 Student Union

Specialty areas:

LGBTQ Services Director

Corey Stilwell  Profile of Corey Stilwell  Office hours

Prgm Coordinator For Outreach Comm
3246 Student Union

Specialty areas:

Cove Graphics & Social Media 

Magann Dykema  Profile of Magann Dykema  Office hours

Student Affairs Manager
3236 Student Union

Specialty areas:

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

MyOrgs (Virtual House of Orgs)

Student Organizations Committee

Reservations and event staff

Rebecah Neitzel  Profile of Rebecah Neitzel  Office hours

Campus Reservations Coordinator
3249 Student Union

Specialty areas:

Event planning/management

Meeting/event scheduling in the Student Union, Carl Wimberly Hall, Centennial Hall, the Center for Fine Arts, the Cleary Center, Graff Main Hall, Morris Hall, Murphy Library, and outdoor events at the Student Union, the Clocktower, Coate Field, Drake Field, and the Gazebos.

Conference planning/management

Cody Organ  Profile of Cody Organ  Office hours

Avls Coordinator
3206 Student Union