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Fraternity Life

A page within University Centers

What is Fraternity Life at UWL? 

At UWL we have 2 chapters, each with a unique set of values, symbols, and mottos that their members strive to live their lives by!

Why Fraternity Life? 

A fraternity is a unique experience that allows students from all walks of life to come together to support a common cause as brothers. Joining a fraternity is the perfect way to get involved on campus and meet other men that you could potentially become lifelong friends with! In addition, fraternities also open up many opportunities to network and develop leadership skills that employers demand in today's workplace.

How do I get Involved? 

Each semester, recruitments begin within the first 3 weeks of class. Each chapter will host their own specific recruitment events in hopes to educate about their fraternity and its values. If you have any questions or would like to sign up to receive updates about upcoming recruitment events, please follow the link below. 

Interfraternity Council Members 2023

Position Name
President Darwin Paiz
Vice President of Judicial Affairs Tayler Peery
Director of Communication and Finance Jacob Kampf
Director of Scholarship and Safety Hunter Anderson
Director of Activities  Adam Lien
Director of Marketing Mario Partida

The Interfraternity Council Creed

We, the Interfraternity Council, exist to promote the shared interests and values of our member fraternities: leadership, service, brotherhood, and scholarship. We believe in Fraternity and that the shared values of Fraternity drive the IFC to create better communities, better chapters, and better men. 

We work to advance the academic mission of the host institution, to enable fraternal organizations to grow and thrive through collaboration and teamwork, to provide an outlet for self-governance and accountability, and to model and teach ethical leadership. In a spirit of mutual support and betterment, we, the men of the Interfraternity Council, pledge to elevate the Ritual and the values of the member organizations.

UW La Crosse Interfraternity Council Constitution and Bylaws

MyOrgs Interfraternity Page

North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC)