Mission and core values

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Mission Statement


University Centers serves the community by providing a welcoming environment that facilitates learning opportunities, embraces diversity, and enriches the campus experience. 


Core Values

  • Leading to Serve: 
    • We engage in activities that serve the goals and best interests of our students, colleagues, and community - those that promote self-actualization. Our success lies in the success of others. 
  • Multiculturalism:
    • We recognize and embrace the strength that resides in our human diversity, both culturally and intellectually. As a result, we strive to benefit from the inclusion of diverse perspectives and to become "more than the sum of our parts." 
  • Continuous Improvement:
    • Assessment lends direction and strength to our endeavors. It informs and motivates the effectiveness of our programming, and it supports our understanding of critical changes among the students and communities we serve, and the colleagues with whom we collaborate. 
  • Integrity:
    • We strive to model the highest levels of ethical behavior in our interactions with students and colleagues as well as in our research and assessment activities. 
  • Advocacy:
    • As agents of positive social change on campus and in the community, student development and diversity professionals empower those who lack a voice on campus.