Eagle ID/Dining Plans FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Do I need to get a campus ID? expanding section

Yes, you will need an Eagle ID card to access services on campus.

Do I need to get a photo taken? expanding section

Yes, a photo is required to be placed on your Eagle ID card.
Visit the Card Office (1131 Student Union) to have your picture taken OR submit your photo via GET FUNDS.  

What is required to get my EagleID? expanding section

Bring a form of identification with you, such as driver's license, state issued ID, passport, military ID, permanent resident alien card, non-immigrant visa, certificate of U.S. naturalization, or Mexican consular card to the Card Office (1131 Student Union).

How do I change my name on my Eagle ID card? expanding section

Please contact Records and Registration to change your name. Once your name has been changed by Records and Registration, then you can get a new Eagle ID card printed, it will be free of charge as long as you surrender your old card.

What will I be able to use my EagleID for? expanding section

StudentsYou will be able to use your EagleID for a variety of services, such as:

  • Dining plans
  • Campus Cash
  • Dining Dollars
  • Library services
  • Laundry (requires Campus Cash to be added)
  • Residence hall access (for residents of a hall)
  • Recreational Eagle Center
  • REC Strength Center
  • Vending machines (requires Campus Cash to be added)
  • MTU city bus free access
  • UWL athletic events free access
  • Wing Technology
  • Voting ID for out of state students


Faculty/staff …. The new Eagle ID will allow:

  • Access to certain rooms or buildings on campus
  • Ability to check out books in the library
  • Staff meal block plans
  • Access to special events
Can the EagleID be used for voting? expanding section

Yes, your Eagle ID card can be used as your photo ID for voting in Wisconsin. Wisconsin residents can still use their Drivers License to vote. For others, refer to the EagleID for voting general information. 

What is the difference between Dining Dollars and Campus Cash? expanding section

Dining Dollars can only be spent at dining locations. In addition to being spend at any dining location, Campus Cash can be used for the University Bookstore, laundry in the residence halls, beverage & snack vending machines, and printing on campus. Dining Dollars do not carry over from semester to semester. Campus Cash does carryover for your entire time at UWL.


Function Campus Cash Dining Dollars
Laundry X
Printing X
Coffee Shops X X
Dining Areas X X
Vending Machines X
Carries over each year X
Carries over each semester X

Dining Dollars will be spent before Campus Cash at any any dining locations, if applicable.

Does Campus Cash carry over from year to year? expanding section

Yes, Campus Cash will carryover from year to year until a student is separated from the university.

Graduating, withdrawing, or transferring students can fill out a Campus Cash Refund Request Form if they have over $20 in their account and do not have a balance with UWL.

How do I add Campus Cash to my account? expanding section

Campus Cash is available to students only

The Card Office accepts cash or check in person, it does not accept debit/credit card payments. The card office can also bill your student account. Methods to add Campus Cash to your Eagle ID card:

  • Cash/Check or bill your student account in Card Office Office 
  • GET Mobile (use credit/debit card or add to your student bill)

Note: $500 is the maximum amount which can be applied to your student bill per semester

How much does it cost to replace a lost Eagle ID card? expanding section
  • Lost or stolen card = $20.00
  • Broken card = $10.00 - You must bring the broken card with you

Charges can be paid at the Card Office with cash/check or via your student bill

Do I need this card in order to do laundry? expanding section

Yes, you do need the Eagle ID card with Campus Cash on it to do laundry in the Residence halls. The laundry machines do not take cash.

Can I change my picture on this card? expanding section

Yes, but you will be charged $20 for a new Eagle ID card. Also new pictures need to follow the this specific criteria: 

Photo Requirements:

White or Blue Background (no scenery) No hats, sunglasses, friends, family, pets, or etc. Photo should be from top of your head to mid-chest Photo format must be 1mb and .jpg or .jpeg (may need to crop to be less than 1mb) Photo must be forward facing, think drivers license photo.
What are the policies regarding student ID's? expanding section

The UW-La Crosse Identification Card (Eagle ID) is used to access the use of campus resources. It serves to verify current student status at UW-La Crosse.

  • Eagle ID card is required at all dining areas to eat and access one's residence hall.
  • The Eagle ID is non-transferable and must be presented to University officials upon request.
  • The Eagle ID is only to be used by the person it was issued to.
Can I Change My Meal Plan? How? expanding section

Yes, you can change your meal plan as long as it is before September 15, 2022 Fall Semester and before February 9, 2023 Spring Semester. To change your meal plan please email the Card Office (uwlcardoffice@uwlax.edu) from your UWL email address. Please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Student ID Number
  • Current meal plan assignment
  • Meal plan you would like to switch to
  • Which residence hall your live in or if off campus