Graphics can print large posters and banners for your organization!

Graphics Info

Contact COVE Graphics for your Marketing needs!

COVE Graphics serves students and staff with high quality, low-cost graphic design and printing services to assist groups and individuals in marketing and promotion endeavors.  

Feel free to make an appointment at  if you are not able to get here when one of our designers will be working. 

Please plan accordingly as we require a minimum of 10 days to complete projects for students, staff, and faculty. No exceptions! 


Payment Options for Paid Services


Payment is due in full when the order is complete. Projects will NOT be allowed to be picked up without payment (NO EXCEPTIONS), this includes SFO accounts.

Please plan ahead. Payment options Include:

SFO Accounts >Check> Cash

Note: We do NOT accept credit or debit card payments.


Printing (Standard Paper):

8.5 X 11" One side $0.30 Double sided $0.45
11 X 17" One side $0.45 Double Sided $0.60

Printing (Cardstock & Glossy):

8.5 X 11" One side $0.55 Double side $0.75
11 X 17" One side $0.85 (glossy not included)

Double sided $1.00

Larger Poster Printing:

18 X 24" Less than 1/2 ink $3.00 More than 1/2 ink $5.00
24 X 34" Less than 1/2 ink $4.00 More than 1/2 ink $6.00


24" X any length up to 5' Pricing based on size and amount of ink used


2 1/4" $0.40 each


First Foot $1.90 Each foot after $0.90