Teacher candidate progress review committee actions

Step Description
No Immediate Action
No Formal Action
The TCPR Committee takes no any action at this time, but is monitoring the student informally and is placing record of the concern(s) in the candidate's file or
  1. The TCPR Committee may review the concern again at a later date, and recommend that action be taken at that time.
  2. If additional concerns are submitted, the committee may recommend initiation of Action 1. 
Action 1
Collection of Additional Information about the Student 
A request is made to faculty and staff for additional input regarding the particular student. This input could include both concerns and commendations relative to knowledge, skills and dispositions.  
After review of the student file and all relevant input, the TCPR Committee may recommend further action. 
Action 2
Notice to Appear before the TCPR Committee 
 NOTE: Failure to meet with the TCPR Committee as requested prevents the student from taking further coursework in the Teacher Education program. At the appearance with the TCPR Committee, the concerns are reviewed with the candidate and the TCPR Committee recommends further action. The candidate is expected to: 

Track A (GPA)

  1. Notify an Assistant to the Dean to request a review by TCPR. 
  2. Collect three letters of recommendation (One letter must be from clinical instructor or cooperating teacher and one from content faculty). 
  3. Provide TCPR with a summary of academic situation (1-2 pages), letters of recommendation, and an unofficial transcript. Committee will take action on the GPA waiver request. 
NOTE: Waiver may be granted or candidate must complete Track B. 

Track B

  1. Develop a written Action Plan that addresses the specific concern(s) identified. The candidate writes goals that effectively lead to the elimination of the specific areas of concern. 
  2. Present the written Action Plan to the Director of the School of Education to discuss and approve the candidate's goals and remediation strategies. 
  3. Provide the TCPR Committee with a Candidate Progress Summary (1-2 pages) by a designated date as determined during the appearance with the TCPR Committee. The candidate must address how s/he has reconciled and/or remediated the specific concern(s) and how each concern has been eliminated. 
Action 3
Review of Evidence & Recommendation to the Director 

The TCPR Committee will review The Student Progress Summary upon completion of the action plan. The TCPR Committee will make a decision on the candidate's successful completion of the process. One of the following recommendations will be made to the Director of the School of Education:  The candidate will be:

  1. Allowed to continue/resume degree program progress;
  2. Asked to return to Action 1 or 2 and repeat the process; or
  3. Recommended for dismissal from the Teacher Education Program. 
  The candidate has the right to appeal TCPR Committee decisions to the Provost/Vice-Chancellor.