"Dear Food Pantry, 

Thank you so much for providing this service. You have helped me in hard times, and I am so appreciative. This place has positively impacted my life. Although I cannot now, hopefully someday I can repay you for everything you have given me. 

Thank you with all of my heart"


Campus Food Pantry

About the Food Pantry

The Leadership & Involvement Center (LIC) coordinates the food pantry on campus that is available to UWL students, faculty, and staff. The Food Pantry is located in 2220 Student Union, inside the COVE. The Food Pantry is accessible by card swipe (see below); it can be utilized whenever the Student Union is open.

Accessing the Food Pantry

Individuals who are interested in using the food pantry can gain private access by registering to use their active UWL student/staff ID card. We can activate their card to allow individuals' access to the food pantry. There are no requirements to gain access to this service beyond completing a simple form. The form can be filled out in person by visiting the COVE desk in 2200 Student Union or by completing this online form

Once their card is activated, users can access the food pantry at any time The U is open. Some examples of food in the food pantry are tuna, peanut butter, jelly, pasta sauce, pasta noodles, soup, vegetables, and fruit. 

Where does the food come from?

Most of the items in the Food Pantry are generously provided by the Hunger Task Force of La Crosse. We also rely on food and monetary donations from the campus and La Crosse community. 

A look inside our Campus Food Pantry