Student Staff Committees

The UW-La Crosse Recreational Sports Department prides itself on student development. We are truly a program that is for the students by the students through employment and leadership opportunities. Student staff members strive to go above and beyond their job responsibilities by voluntarily engaging in four departmental committees listed below. For additional information on these committees, contact Jeff Keenan, Director. 

Student Advisory Council (SAC) expanding section

As a representative body of the entire Recreational Sports Student Team, the Student Advisory Council (SAC) provides recommendations to the professional team regarding Rec Sports related policies, procedures, and staff concerns. SAC is comprised of volunteer student team members (one rep. per position) who meet on a regular basis.

Emergency Response Team (ERT) expanding section

A student team that seeks to ensure the readiness of the department for any potential emergency, ERT evaluates incident response plans, and strives for efficiency in upholding accident, incident and injury protocols. Throughout the year, ERT conducts "red shirt reviews" to simulate medical emergencies in an effort to help team members become comfortable when dealing with injuries and emergencies.

Student Inclusive Networking Committee (SINC) expanding section

SINC serves to create a welcoming, safe, inclusive space for all participants and staff within Recreational Sports.

The Student Inclusivity Networking Committee (SINC) is comprised of student staff who are passionate about making the REC a more welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone, staff included. The committee strives to further the department’s commitments to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion through education, campus collaborations and assessment of departmental programs and policies. SINC welcomes all Rec staff to join and values self-reflection, critical thinking, open discussion and building community.

Building Exceptional Service Together (BEST) expanding section

The mission of the committee is to coordinate the BEST Program and to plan and promote student staff outings and community building activities, end of the semester recognition events, employee recognition programs and customer service initiatives.