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Wellness resources

A page within Human Resources

Wellness resources expanders

Athletic Events
  • Human Resources
    • Retirement and savings plans
    • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
    • Life and accident insurance
    • Leave benefits
Campus Activities Board
  • CAB provides cultural, educational and entertaining events for UW - La Crosse students, community, faculty and staff. 
    • CAB Events- free movies, performances and speakers
Campus Bookstore
  • Bookstore. UWL apparel, gifts, decorations, and much more!  First floor of the Student Union
  • Online bookstore
  • Campus Child Center is a state licensed and nationally accredited group child care setting providing care and education to the children of University of Wisconsin-La Crosse students, staff, and faculty. 
Dining & Catering
Educational Assistance
  • Tuition reimbursement is available to all Academic Staff and Faculty who hold budgeted appointments of half time or greater and University Staff employees who hold project appointments or appointments with an expectation of continued employment. See full information here: Employee education assistance policy
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • The employee assistance program is a free, confidential service to UWL employees, their dependents, and anyone living in their household.
Environmental Health & Safety
  • UWL has a legal and financial obligation to provide and maintain a safe and healthful environment for our employees, students, guests, and residents of the community. Implementation of the Environmental Health and Safety Program is intended to achieve this goal.
Environmental Sustainability
Financial Planning
  • In addition to retirement & savings plans benefits, UWL employees have access to financial planning vendors associated with the UW Tax-Sheltered Annuity (TSA), i.e., 403(b) program: TIAA, Fidelity Investments , and Rowe Price
  • UWL employees can also utilize direct deposit from their payroll to contribute to Edvest (Wisconsin’s 529 College Savings Plan).
  • Additional resources for financial wellness are available through ETF
Lactation/Family Care Room

The university has designated three areas for lactation/family care rooms.

Student Union 1138 Student Union – 1st Floor (near the north entrance) 
Wittich Hall 0209 Wittich Hall – Lower Level (on the southeast end of the building)
Centennial Hall 3210 Centennial Hall – 3rd Floor (center of the building)
Murphy Library
Outdoor Equipment
  • Outdoor Equipment Rental; Outdoor Resource Library: maps, guide books, instruction and periodicals; Outdoor Equipment purchasing advice; Outdoor Trips and Clinics; Outdoor skills training; Lectures and Seminars; Green Bike Rental Program
Professional Development
Rec Sports Memberships
  • Membership includes: access to the REC Strength Center, track-side cardiovascular and strength equipment, 200 meter track, courts, climbing wall, racquetball courts, multipurpose room, and conditioning room; access to the Mitchell Hall pool; reduced rental and trip rates at the Outdoor Connection; ability to sponsor guests (up to 3 per visit) for appropriate guest fee; eligibility to play intramural sports; eligibility to utilize personal training services; ability to participate in family weekends
  • Avoid ‘busy times’ by following the live counts for the fitness center
  • WISC SOFTWARE lets students, faculty, staff, and departments of the University of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Technical College Systems purchase popular software packages at substantial discounts. 
StayWell Wellness Wisconsin
  • StayWell is an independent provider of health promotion programs and services. StayWell specializes in helping organizations improve the health and well-being of their participants. Since 1978 StayWell has designed and managed programs for employers throughout the United States.

    The StayWell wellness portal is available to employees, retirees and their spouses enrolled in the State of Wisconsin or Wisconsin Public Employers Group Health Insurance Programs. Access is based on the effective dates of your health insurance coverage. The StayWell wellness portal is not available to children or other dependents of the employee enrolled in State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program. The services available to you through StayWell, including individual confidential health coaching and all of the tools in the portal, are provided at no cost to you

    To access your StayWell Portal, click here.

Visual & Performing Arts
Well Wisconsin Incentive
  • The $150 Well Wisconsin Incentive is the uniform wellness incentive available to employees, retirees and their spouses currently enrolled in the State of Wisconsin or Wisconsin Public Employers Group Health Insurance Programs. 

    Complete a health screening, the StayWell health assessment, and a StayWell well-being activity to earn the $150 gift card. You can complete these steps via your StayWell wellness portal account

    Click here to be redirected to the StayWell portal


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