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Questions are separated into sections based on topics they address.
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It is recommended participants also view our participant handbook for more information.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Introduction to IM Sports

What are intramural sports?

Intramural sports are structured leagues, tournaments and activities specifically designed to meet the recreational and competitive desires of the students, faculty and staff at UW-La Crosse. Participants have the opportunity to take part in a variety of events throughout the course of the intramural sports calendar, regardless of skill or experience level.

Why should I participate in intramural sports?

Intramural sports are a great way to live a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle. Not only can you get a lot of good exercise, but you have the chance to meet a lot of new people and have fun! Many past participants have said their involvement with intramural sports has helped to develop many fond memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

What types of activities are offered by the program?

There are many different activities offered as intramural sports during the academic year. Each semester has a different schedule of offered sports. For a complete list of activities offered during the current semester, visit the list of sports website.

Are intramural sports the same as sports clubs?

Intramural sports are not the same as sport clubs. Although sport clubs are a division of Rec Sports at UWL, they offer many different components that intramural sports do not. Club teams typically have try-outs, hold regular practices, travel for competition, consist of student leaders elected by their teammates, and are governed by the sport club Executive Council. Individuals are allowed to participate in both intramurals and clubs, although these individuals must abide by specific eligibility rules as outlined in the participant handbook.

Program Organization

How are intramural sports leagues structured?

Intramural leagues are offered for a variety of activities. Leagues are structured with a regular season and a post-season (playoffs). Regular seasons typically consist of a four-week schedule with play at a regularly-scheduled time. Post-season play will be carried out in a bracket or tournament format. Games in the post-season might not be played at the same time as games during the league’s regular season. 

Are there different levels of competition?

Currently, there are three different levels of competition. The “A” league is designed for the participant with a high level of athletic ability or for those students who prefer to play in a competitive environment. Former varsity athletes and current sport club members are required to play in this level. The “C” league is designed for the participant looking for participation, fitness, socializing, and fun. The "B" league is a combination of competitive and recreational. Participants must choose the division in which they wish to play. If teams are not signed up for the a league appropriate for their skill level, they may be moved for playoff contests.

Are there gender classifications in intramural sports?

Intramural sports offer four different leagues of play: men’s, women’s, co-rec and open. Participants may participate on one team in each category type as long as the individual does not violate eligibility as outlined in our participant handbook.

Is the program governed by anything or anyone?

On campus, intramural sports is a program area under the Recreational Sports Department. Recreational Sports classifies as a program under Student Affairs.

UWL Recreational Sports is an institutional member of the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA).

How are intramural sports rules generated?

Intramural sports uses rules from a variety of sources, however NIRSA governs many rules for larger intramural sports (volleyball, basketball, flag football, softball, etc.) that are offered on the UWL campus. Other rules come from the WIAA and NFHS rulebooks.

Policies and procedures not related to a specific sport are generated by Recreational Sports professional staff.

Where are activities played?

Activities are played at these locations:

  • Recreational Eagle Center (REC)
  • Mitchell Hall (Gyms 112, 113, 114)
  • Veteran’s Memorial Field Sports Complex (Turf Fields and Grass Fields)
  • North Campus Recreational Fields
  • Hetzel Fieldhouse

No intramural activities are played off-campus.

Participant Eligibility

Who is eligible to participate in intramural activities?

All current, fee-paying UW-La Crosse students, faculty and staff with a current university-issued ID are eligible to participate. The participant handbook outlines eligibility specifics. You will be required to present your UWL Eagle ID (or a forgot ID pass) before each game. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Are intercollegiate athletes eligible?

Intercollegiate athletes may not participate in any corresponding Intramural activities (i.e. a varsity basketball player may not participate in any form of basketball intramurals). A complete list of varsity sports and their corresponding Intramural activity can be found in the participant handbook. Other activity-specific eligibility guidelines may apply.

Are sport club athletes eligible?

Sport club members are allowed to participate in all intramural activities with activity-specific eligibility stipulations applying to corresponding activities. Club rosters are checked regularly to make sure that this rule is followed.

I lost my UWL ID. Can I still participate?

Yes. Each student or faculty/staff member is entitled to 1 forgotten ID pass per semester. This pass applies to all program areas in Recreational Sports, not just Intramurals. Once the forgotten ID pass is used, it cannot be used again until the next semester. To play intramural sports, visit the Info Counter in the REC to inform the staff you have lost your ID. If eligible, a temporary pass will be given to you and said pass will have to be turned in to the intramural sports supervisor on-duty at check-in time.

I have a friend/family member visiting. Can they participate?

Unless the person in-question is a current, fee-paying UWL student or faculty/staff member with a valid school-issued ID, they cannot play. Individuals under Alumni status are not eligible as well. Guest or day passes are not offered for intramural sports. We do allow visiting family and friends to watch intramural sports contests! Just let the staff at the info counter know so they can let your fans in.

Scheduling and General Policies

Do I have to pay anything to participate in intramural sports?

There is a small fee affiliated with each intramural activity. Fees vary based on the number of officials and scorekeepers required to facilitate league contests. Your team captain will be required to pay before a team is officially entered into the league. Please follow the payment directions when you sign up for your sport. These modest fees help keep student segregated fees at a minimum.  The fees range from $7-$55.

What is IMLeagues?

IMLeagues is the online management system used by UWL Rec Sports. All registrations and individual roster additions are completed through IMLeagues. Teams and individuals can also see league schedules, standings, individualized participant statistics, announcements and so much more!

When can I register for intramural activities?

Registration opens at 12:00 pm on a pre-determined date for each quarter. All registration is done online via IMLeagues. In order to be registered, the team captain must pass a rules quiz and pay the team entry fee through PayPal.

Registration entries are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and spots are not held for teams. Registration for an activity closes at the conclusion of week two of its regular season. Prorated rates for late entry teams are not permitted.

How do I register for intramural activities?

All registration for intramural sports is done on IMLeagues. Log in with your UWL NetID and password. Okta two-factor authentication is now required to login. Do NOT create a new account. All students have an IMLeagues account that is linked to their WINGS account. 

What role does a team captain play?

Captain’s responsibilities include, but may not be limited to the following: registering the team for competition, paying entry fees, understanding the policies and procedures in the handbook and making sure all team members understand and abide by them, notifying your team members of the date, time, and location of contests, being familiar with sport specific rules, ensuring that enough team members are present at each game to avoid a forfeit, accepting responsibility for the actions of all team members and supporters, maintaining a cooperative attitude with all intramural staff members, ensure your team members know they must present their student ID before each game and be the connection between the team and the intramural sports program.

It is at the team captain’s discretion on whether they will collect small fees from each individual on the team roster to make up for paying for a team in-full. Intramural sports administrative staff will not collect fees from individual team members for a captain.

How are team names generated?

Teams may decide the name of the team on which they play (similar to fantasy football/baseball). However, it is expected team names are both appropriate and tasteful. Team names explicitly or implicitly using references to any topic deemed inappropriate by administration will be changed or disallowed.

How many players does it take to make up a team?

Each activity has a roster minimum. This is the fewest number of players needed for a team to be entered and participate in that sport. Please see each activity-specific rulebook for roster minimum requirements.

How can I add players to my team roster?

In all leagues, a team can add players to its roster via IMLeagues until the last day of the regular season. All players must have played in a regular season game to be eligible for the postseason. It is recommended roster additions be submitted online by 12:00 pm the day of the game as that is when game sheets and rosters are generally prepared for the day’s games.

Rosters freeze following the completion of an activity’s regular season. No additions will be permitted.

I want to play on a team differing from the one I registered with. Can I switch teams?

Individuals are permitted to switch to a different team once per season as long as the new team in-question is in the same gender league. Switches are permitted until registration for an activity officially closes following week two of the regular season and are also permitted even if the player in-question participated in a contest with their original team.

Team captains from both teams involved in the roster switch must approve the switch before administration can approve of the move.

What is a free agent?

If you would like to participate in any intramural activity but have not yet found a team or partner, you can become a “free agent.” It is recommended free agents follow these steps in order to participate: register online as a free agent, contact team captains “looking for players” or wait to be contacted by captains.

How long is the season for each activity?

Each activity has a 4-week regular season. Most activities have 1 scheduled contest per week. Some activities may play 2 contests a week. 

Are there playoffs and how do those work?

Yes! In order to qualify for playoffs, teams must win at least 1 contest and average a 4.0 sportsmanship rating. Officiated sports also require a team representative to attend an in-person or virtual captain's meeting to qualify for playoffs. Teams must allow abide by forfeit policies. Once a regular season has concluded, administration will organize playoff brackets for each league in an activity. In some activities, teams will pick their bracket position, whereas bracket positions will be assigned in others. This is defined in greater detail in the participant handbook and in playoff memos sent out before brackets are created.

Additional Items

What if I get injured while participating in an intramural activity?

Intramural supervisors are all first-aid and CPR certified. They will take care of any preliminary care that a participant may need. In-case of an emergency, 911 will be called and the appropriate actions will be taken to ensure your safety. All intramural participants must sign a liability waiver prior to enrolling for a team. All costs affiliated with an injury are the responsibility of the injured participant.

What happens when the weather is bad?

Never assume a contest will be canceled because of weather. Rec Sports staff will determine if games are postponed due to inclement weather. All decisions about weather cancellations will be made ASAP on the day of the game. All participants will be contacted by email and captains will also be notified via phone. It is then the captain’s responsibility to let the rest of the team know or a contest’s status.

Participant safety is ALWAYS the primary concern when it comes to weather cancellations. Any time safety may be compromised, contest facilitation will be examined closely.

What happens if I (or my team) cannot make it to a scheduled contest?

If you personally cannot make a contest, it is recommended that you contact the team captain so that the team can find additional players, if needed.

If a team cannot play, please complete the forfeit form by 2 pm of a contest date.

What is a forfeit?

A forfeit occurs when a team does not show up for and/or compete in a scheduled contest or when it fails complete the forfeit form by 2 pm of a contest date. When a team receives a forfeit, there is a $10 fee the team must pay by their next contest to avoid removal from their respective league. Forfeits also result in a 3.0 sportsmanship rating.

Two forfeits may result in the team being removed from the league.

What is a sportsmanship rating?

Intramural sports are played based on the foundation games are designed to be safe, fair and fun. The sportsmanship rating system is used to assist officials and supervisors in evaluating the sportsmanship of participants and spectators. The system allows Rec Sports staff to rate teams and spectators on communication, respect shown to staff and any other conduct that goes against the foundation of play. Teams will be rated on a 5-point scale. Teams will be rated at the conclusion of each game by the officials and on-field supervisors. Teams must have at least a 4.0 sportsmanship average over the regular season in order to qualify for the playoffs. Any team or individual found to be in violation of the sportsmanship principle is subject to ejection, suspension or dismissal from Intramural Sports.

Are there any uniform requirements?

Teams play intramural sports in contrasting colors, but are not required to provide their own uniforms (although some teams do). The biggest uniform concern for participants is that jewelry must be removed or covered and that some sports do not allow pockets. Participants do have other uniform guidelines to follow and those can be found in the participant handbook.

What prizes are awarded to champions?

Intramural champions will receive the coveted championship t-shirt! The number of t-shirts awarded is limited based on the sport being played.  Players must be listed on the roster and have participated in 1 contest to receive a t-shirt. Each team that wins will have their picture taken and these photos will be posted to our social media pages.

Could I work for intramural sports?

Yes! Each year, we seek individuals who are interested in serving as officials for games and contests alike. Officials are hired at various times throughout the year, but they must attend one of the new employee meetings at the beginning of each semester. No experience is needed as you will be trained by our staff! To see which sports are in need of officials, please visit the "Become an Official" website and fill out an interest form. We’d love to have you join our team!

Social Media and Forms

Where can I find intramural sports on social media?
Facebook: UWL Rec Sports
Instagram: @uwlrec

Where can I provide feedback or suggestions?
Please visit our Forms and Videos website!


Feel free to contact us at

Stop by the REC Information Counter in-person during hours of operation. You can also set up a meeting with Ali, the Rec Sports Competitive Sports Coordinator.


Call: 608-785-5225

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