The Writing Center is open for online submssions for all three summer sessions. Use the MLC Canvas course  to get asynchronous feedback on any writing you're doing, for any class.

When? May 24-Aug. 12


Just have a quick question about citation? Check out our "Resources for Writers" tab!

Where? In the Murphy Learning Center, on the 2nd floor of the Murphy Library. For virtual appointments, go to the Writing Center Tutoring Zoom meeting in the MLC Canvas course at your appointment time.

How? Use our online booking system; simply click the link above to go through the steps. There's a link to our booking system on our Facebook page, too.

Why? To get feedback on any writing assignment, at any stage.

Who? Peer consultants will help any UWL student.

Need to cancel your appointment? Go back to the confirmation e-mail you got for directions.

More questions? Email us at writingcenter@uwlax.edu.                                                           

More resources for Student Support?  Student Success

The Writing Center accepts online submissions during the semester through the MLC Canvas course. Whether you have a nearly completed paper or only a topic and rough outline, we are ready to help.

NOTE: in the Fall 21 semester, the Writing Center will be closed from Friday at noon to Sunday at 5 pm; there is a chance that papers submitted on Friday afternoon MAY NOT be read until Monday.

A few tips:

  • We aim to provide feedback with 48 hours of submission. (see Note above)
  • Expect a tutor to make suggestions to improve your writing rather than actual changes.
  • Expect the tutor to focus on one or two major areas of weakness.
  • For more comprehensive tutoring make a synchronous appointment.

Writing Center Director

Issy Beach

Issy Beach

Major: Public Health/Community Health Education; Minor: WGSS

Issy Beach (PGPs: she/her/hers) is a Public Health/Community Health Education major and a WGSS minor, with plans to focus on sexual and women’s health education and advocacy. Her career bucket list includes writing a book and giving a TED talk about her areas of focus. Issy is willing to help students with any type of writing assignment, but has the most experience with research papers and creative writing. When she’s not in class or the Writing Center, you can find her binging Netflix, planning her next international trip, or creating content for her health education based Instagram account, @issyonthepill.

Devany Bauer

Devany Bauer

Communication Studies (major) and Creative Writing (minor)

Devany (Dev) Bauer (PGPs: she/her/hers) loves reading, thrifting, cooking, longboarding, and being a plant mom. She’s also a coffee fanatic and an avid essential oil user. After graduation Dev hopes to travel as much as she can to learn more about herself, her passions, and about the people around her. This is Devany’s first year working in the Writing Center and she’s excited to explore different types of writing. She has sufficient background knowledge in women’s gender studies and English and more subtle background knowledge in sciences such chemistry and biology but is willing to assist with any paper that comes her way.

Amari Conner

Amari Conner

Major: English: Medical Professions Emphasis Minor: Communication Studies: Organizational and Professional Communication Emphasis

Amari Conner (PGPs she/her/hers) Amari's hobbies include playing piano, being outdoors, and cooking. Her special interests include how writing and communication is used in the sciences. Her plan is to go on for her Master's in Human Resource Management, specifically within healthcare. She enjoys interacting with people and being able to help them with their writing, no matter the subject!

Taylin DeLong

Taylin DeLong

Major: English Education

Taylin DeLong (PGPs: She/Her/Hers) is an avid music enthusiast and is always open for your latest music suggestions. She also enjoys spending time with her friends, hiking, baking, and binging anything great on Netflix. After college Taylin hopes to begin her career as a high school English teacher. Eventually, she hopes to go on to get a Master’s degree in administration and become a principal. With the hopes of becoming a future educator Taylin is incredibly excited to be working with students in the writing center. She enjoys being able to help students’ shape their ideas into something they are passionate and excited to write about! 


Carter Drost

Carter Drost

Major: English Education

Carter Drost (PGPs: he/him) is studying to become a high school English teacher. When he’s not working on his studies, he swims for UWL’s swim and dive team, longboards, snowboards, bikes, and hangs out with his friends. Carter loves meeting new people, learning new things, and writing, so he’s pretty ecstatic to work with people at the Writing Center.

Francesca Gatto

Francesca Gatto

Major: Communication Studies Minor: Legal Studies

Francesca Gatto (PGPs: she/her/hers) is a Communications major with a legal studies minor. Her hobbies include watching movies, reading, trivia and playing tennis. She has lots of experience with writing and reading research papers and enjoys helping others with their writing. She is also knowledgeable about English and international studies. 

Maggie Marks

Maggie Marks

Major: English with a Medical Professions Emphasis Minor: Psychology

Maggie Marks (PGPs: She/Her/Hers) is an English with a medical professions emphasis major and a minor in Psychology. She plans to become a medical grant writer in the future. Her hobbies include reading (for enjoyment), spending time with friends and family, binge watching tv

Emma Weber

Emma Weber

Major: Business; Minor: Chemistry, Legal Studies

Emma Weber (PGPs: she/her/hers) is majoring in Business with a minor in Chemistry and Legal Studies. She has a wide variety of interests and hopes to somehow combine them all into a career someday. Emma has the most experience with research papers and business reports but loves to help with any style of paper. When she is not busy doing homework, she is often attempting to keep her many plants alive, watching Netflix, reading, or hanging out with friends.

Arianna Wuetrich

Arianna Wuetrich

Major: Biology Minor: Psychology

Arianna Wuetrich (PGP: she/her/hers) is a biology major and a psychology minor on the pre-health pre-genetic counseling track. Her hobbies include astrology, true crime, and re-watching netflix movies. You can mainly find her hanging out with all of her roommates as she has a lot. She has experience with writing and reading research papers and psychological analyses. She also has a sufficient background in history, as she can be kind of a history nerd. She is very excited to be a tutor at the writing center to help with all subjects. Her goal is to instill confidence in her peers and get them talking! 

The Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) is an excellent resource for almost any writing question.

New updates to the MLA Style Guide (April 2021)

MLA Style Center -- great place to ask obscure questions!

Willamette University's overview of the ASA (American Sociological Association) citation style is thorough and helpful.

UW-Madison Writing Center guide to APA (2021)

Thesis QuickGuide

Outlining QuickGuide

Transitions QuickGuide

Conclusions QuickGuide

Stay tuned for more!

                                        Write here. Write now.

Writing Center Mission

As a unit within the Murphy Learning Center, the UWL Writing Center supports students from all disciplines in becoming more effective and confident writers in both academic and professional situations. We provide space for students to generate ideas, collaborate, draft, write, revise, and edit in a supported environment. Trained undergraduate peer consultants work one-on-one to engage students in dialogues that meet their immediate needs in relation to specific writing projects and also support their development as writers. We believe that writing is a powerful tool not only for communicating existing ideas but for discovering new ones; that learning to write is a life-long process; and that all writers benefit from sharing work in progress with knowledgeable, attentive readers.

We offer feedback and support for writers who are

  • learning new genres and styles for academic disciplines.
  • developing, revising, or polishing reports and essays.
  • gathering, analyzing, and synthesizing research materials.
  • seeking to elevate their writing styles.
  • developing application materials for scholarships, graduate programs, and jobs.

Writing Center consultants are here to assist you with all of your writing needs. Use our computers, our reference books, our couch, our staplers, our tables--but most of all use our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

What should I bring?

To get the most from your session, please bring a copy of the assignment as well as any notes or drafts. Feel free to bring in electronic versions of your work as well. Although consultants can help at the last minute, the sooner you can come in the better. Peer consultants encourage writers to be as independent as possible. We ask questions and build scenarios designed to help writers find and analyze their own problems.

Who will I be working with?

The Writing Center consultants are UWL undergraduates from many different majors, such as Psychology, Chemistry, Biology, English,  Accounting, History, ESS.

Who visits the center and why?

On any given day, you are as likely to see a biology major as an English major, a freshman as a senior--or even a graduate student--using the Writing Center. Some people are working on their resumes, others are brushing up on APA documentation, and still others are discussing paper topics or overcoming writer's block. The people who visit the Writing Center are a diverse group, but they all share a commitment to improve their writing.

Want to become a Writing Center Tutor?

We are done accepting applications for tutoring positions for the 22-23 school year.  We will welcome applications from students in any major next April for the 23-24 school year. To apply, fill out an application and e-mail it to vcrank@uwlax.edu.


Virginia Crank, Writing Center Director

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