As a member of the Recreational Sports team, you are part of one of the top two student employee departments on campus. As one of over 260 students, it’s imperative that you follow the payroll process appropriately. Any violation, knowingly or unknowingly, impacts the budget that is 100% student fee funded and potentially jeopardizes your position on campus. Training will be provided regarding HRS and the payroll system. Therefore, with this agreement, we hope to establish an understanding of all policies and procedures.

  1. Punch in/out order

As a team member, you are expected to be prepared to work as soon as you punch in. Therefore, take care of your personal belongings and non-worked related conversations first, then punch in. Service staff members, including fitness center supervisors, should place items in a staff locker. No personal belongings are allowed in the Info Counter or Fitness Center. Once a team member is done with their shift, punch out, then secure personal items and continue non-work related conversations.

  1. Approved Rec Sports computers to punch in/punch out

It is imperative team members use only HRS approved computers when punching in and out.  Those stations are listed below. Team members may view timecards from non-approved computers in order to track hours.

MH Front Desk                        Climbing Wall

Outdoor Connection              REC lobby kiosk

Fitness Center                         REC Swivel – if necessary

REC Office (back corners)      REC Info. Counter – for BM opening and closing shift only

At no time are cell phones or personal devices (to include laptops, tablets, etc.) allowed for punching in/out. For service staff meetings, pro staff supervisors will provide department iPads to punch in/out. For intramural, lifeguard, and group fitness meetings, log sheets will be utilized. 

  1. HRS issues

The following policies and procedures relate to all Rec Sports staff members, regardless of position. They include the important steps team members must follow when experiencing a problem with the HRS process:

Select wrong working title

  • punch in/out at correct times on HRS
  • complete HRS Issues form on Connect2; record exact time(s) worked

Missed punch

  • do NOT punch out of shift later and/or away from the REC or MH
  • complete HRS Issues form on Connect2; record exact time(s) worked

Phantom punch (forgot to punch out of first shift before punching into 2nd shift with new working title)

  • punch in/out of second shift on HRS
  • complete HRS Issues form on Connect2; record exact time(s) worked

Receive error message

  • contact Cindi immediately if available
  • complete HRS Issues form on Connect2; record exact time(s) worked

Computer failure

  • contact Cindi immediately if available
  • complete HRS Issues form on Connect2; record exact time(s) worked


If employee has HRS issues (non-computer related), the following sequence of consequences may occur (same process as performance based issue):

  • HRS refresher: first issue with HRS; considered a “refresher” and learning opportunity; tracked but no consequence
  • HRS warning: second issue with HRS; meeting with Cindi Swanson, Office Manager; HRS procedure sheet signed; next HRS issue results in 1st strike
  • 1st strike: meeting with Mo and written notification; no impact on raise for returning employees
  • 2nd strike: meeting with immediate supervisor and Mo; final written warning; decrease of raise from $0.15 to $0.10
  • 3rd strike: meeting with immediate supervisor, Mo, formal letter, and potential suspension and/or dismissal from position; loss of raise for returning employees
  1. Payroll Falsification

If a team member documents hours worked incorrectly and or/uses the wrong device to punch in or punch out, the consequence may result in immediate suspension and/or termination of employment. As a student employee at UW-La Crosse, you have signed the following agreement, which we would like to verify for our records: 

University Statement:

As an employee of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, you are held to the same standard of ethics as all university faculty and staff. This includes the accurate and honest reporting of the hours you work.

The webclock that is used to punch in and out of work automatically records the time that you enter your punch, but it does not completely eliminate the problem of falsification of time. Examples of falsification of time include but are not limited to:

  • Entering your punch using the webclock prior to arriving at work or after leaving work in order to appear as though you worked more hours or
  • Failing to use the webclock and misrepresenting to your supervisor about when you arrived at or left work.

Falsification of time may result in disciplinary action, up to and including your termination from all types of employment at UWL. Additionally, you may be required to pay back the university for hours paid that you did not work. 

Rec Sports Agreement:

By signing below, I understand and agree to comply with the payroll process, policies and procedures established by UW-La Crosse and the Recreational Sports Department.

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