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HRS Time Keeping System

Rec Sports staff are required to use the web-based HRS time keeping system. This program allows all student employees to punch in/out through My System Portal during work shifts. During staff training, all team members will be shown the HRS system.

It is imperative team members use only Rec Sports computers when punching in and out. Unless otherwise instructed to do so, student employees are not allowed to use their cell phone or non-Rec Sports computers to punch in/out. Team members may view timecards from non-approved computers in order to track hours.

Upon arrival, be aware of the position you are working and the staff member you are replacing. Typically, there is no reason for a service staff member to punch in more than 5 minutes prior to the start of your shift. Before punching in, always be sure you are logged in under your account. After punching in or out, it’s imperative to log-out of HRS and close the browser. 

Group fitness classes, personal training, and outdoor activities will be tracked through log sheets. Timecards for group fitness instructors will be kept in a separate binder. Log sheets for outdoor activities will be available at the site and will require staff member to sign form and indicate start/end time.

HRS Issues

As one of over 150 student employees, it’s imperative that you follow the payroll process appropriately. Any mistake or violation, knowingly or unknowingly, impacts the Rec Sports budget that is 100% student fee funded, takes time to correct, and potentially jeopardizes your position on campus.

Missed Punch or Error Punching In/Out 

  • If you missed a punch or punched in/out incorrectly in HRS, fill out the HRS Issues Form via Connect2 or the Rec Sports website 
  • Record the exact time(s) worked 
    • Do not fill out the ‘out’ time before it occurs. For example, if you are scheduled to work from Noon to 3pm, do not fill out the 3pm ‘out’ time until the end of the shift. It is not a guarantee that you will be here until 3pm  
    • Enter the job title you should be punched in under and the wrong title in the notes section. Be specific about the title(s). 
  • If you missed a punch in HRS, DO NOT punch out of your shift later that day and/or away from the REC or Mitchel Hall. Doing this could be considered payroll fraud/falsification! 
    • If this is across multiple days, fill one out for each day. For example, if you forgot to punch out on the previous shift and cannot punch in for the current shift, fill out the HRS Issues Form for each day. DO NOT PUNCH OUT SO YOU CAN PUNCH IN. Doing this could be considered payroll fraud/falsification!  

Received Error Message or Computer Failure

  • Contact the Rec Sports Office Manager immediately
  • Complete the HRS Issues Form via Connect2 or the Rec Sports website 

Payroll Fraud

As an employee of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, you are held to the same standard of ethics as all university faculty and staff. This includes the accurate and honest reporting of the hours you work. All staff members must record actual hours worked. 
The web clock (HRS) that is used to punch in and out of work automatically records the time that you enter your punch, but it does not eliminate the problem of falsification of time. Examples of falsification of time includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Entering your punch using the web clock prior to arriving at work or after leaving work in order to appear as though you worked more hours 
  • Failing to use the web clock and misrepresenting to your supervisor about when you arrived at or left work. 

Falsifying hours may immediately result in your suspension and/or termination from all employment at UWL. Additionally, you may be required to pay back the university for hours paid that you did not work.   

Pay Checks & Pay Periods

Students are paid every two weeks via direct deposit. Student paychecks are paid according to the number of hours worked in a 2-week period and take 2 weeks to process.  Therefore, checks seem 2 weeks behind. You will receive statements via My Portal. Pay checks are based on a 2-week period called pay period.

Maximum Hours Worked

A pay week runs from Sunday through Saturday. Campus regulations state that students may not work more than 20 hours per week (Sunday-Saturday) while attending classes, including winter sessions and summer sessions. All staff members must track hours worked each week and ensure that these limits are not exceeded. On occasion, Rec Sports team members may have exception to the rule. With advance approval from their supervisor and the Rec Sports Office Manager, a student may work up to 25 hours in one week.  In the case that a staff member anticipates a heavy week of work, they should find a sub. in advance when feasible. At no time is a student allowed to work more than 40 hours per week.


Adult Skills
Pediatric Skills

Red Shirt Review Sheets


ERT Videos

Part of the educational component of the emergency response training program is the use of videos to demonstrate how to respond and care for injuries as well as how to perform a red shirt review.  One of the most powerful videos includes the experience of a sudden cardiac arrest in the Recreational Eagle Center in January, 2010.  Thank you Clare Malinowski for allowing us to share your story!

The UW-La Crosse Recreational Sports Department prides itself on student development. We are truly a program that is for the students by the students through employment and leadership opportunities. Student staff members strive to go above and beyond their job responsibilities by voluntarily engaging in four departmental committees listed below. For additional information on these committees, contact Jeff Keenan, Director. 

Student Advisory Council (SAC)

As a representative body of the entire Recreational Sports Student Team, the Student Advisory Council (SAC) provides recommendations to the professional team regarding Rec Sports related policies, procedures, and staff concerns. SAC is comprised of volunteer student team members (one rep. per position) who meet on a regular basis.

Emergency Response Team (ERT)

A student team that seeks to ensure the readiness of the department for any potential emergency, ERT evaluates incident response plans, and strives for efficiency in upholding accident, incident and injury protocols. Throughout the year, ERT conducts "red shirt reviews" to simulate medical emergencies in an effort to help team members become comfortable when dealing with injuries and emergencies.

Student Inclusive Networking Committee (SINC)

SINC serves to create a welcoming, safe, inclusive space for all participants and staff within Recreational Sports. The Student Inclusivity Networking Committee (SINC) is comprised of student staff who are passionate about making the REC a more welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone, staff included. The committee strives to further the department’s commitments to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion through education, campus collaborations and assessment of departmental programs and policies. SINC welcomes all Rec staff to join and values self-reflection, critical thinking, open discussion and building community.

Building Exceptional Service Together (BEST)

The mission of the committee is to coordinate the BEST Program and toplan andpromotestudent staff outings and community building activities,end of the semester recognition events,employee recognition programsand customer service initiatives.