Emergency Response Team

Thank you for interest with the Emergency Response Team. This site should have information to help you start your own team or modify an existing team. Feel free to look at or utilize our paperwork for your own program. All forms are in PDF and Word so you can modify to fit with your department or university.


All of the forms below are utilized at UW-La Crosse with the Recreational Sports Department with only minor changes to adapt to different facilities on campus.

Please email Kylie Doberstein with any feedback, questions, comments, or concerns as your input helps us continually improve our program.


As a preparatory unit of Recreational Sports, the emergency response training program seeks to ensure the readiness of the department for any potential emergency through an educational component and a practical element through the emergency response team (ERT). The educational program consists of:

  • online refreshers:  short quizzes about emergency action plans (EAP's), responses to emergencies, case studies, etc.
  • staff training:  comprehensive training that provides introductory information regarding emergency procedures related to medical, weather and potentially threatening/violent situations through presentations and practical experiences
  • videos:  demonstrations on how to care for injuries, responses to emergencies, and a video on how to perform a red shirt review
  • binders:  located in service areas and include EAP's and red shirt reviews; these forms are also posted on D2L
The Emergency Response Team (ERT) is a student staff committee that assists with the development and review of departmental emergency action plans. They seek to ensure Rec Sports staff maintain competence and demonstrate proper delivery of care while handling emergency situations. Throughout the year, ERT conducts a variety of simulations to help student staff increase their comfort level responding to injuries and emergencies.
The ERT mission is to provide educational and practical experiences that seek to ensure the department's readiness and ability to respond to various emergencies.


Red shirt reviews are simulated emergencies intended to review staff on their skills, improve their comfort level, and prepare them for real life situations. Most situations have two levels, RED and GREEN, with red being more severe and green less severe. Certain scenarios are RED only due to university and departmental protocol (concussion, CPR & AED). 



Reviews           Situation         
CPR/AED Review PDF                  Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Concussion Green   Head Trauma
Concussion Review PDF   Head Trauma
Dislocation Red Review PDF   Dislocation (Shoulder)
Dislocation Green Review PDF   Dislocation (Finger)
Fainting Review PDF                   Fainting
First Aid Red Review PDF          Bleeding (laceration)
First Aid Green Review PDF   Bleeding (laceration)
Rolled Ankle Red Review PDF   Rolled Ankle
Rolled Ankle Green Review PDF   Rolled Ankle              


Emergency action plans are set up to help student staff know what to do in the event of an emergency such as medical, weather, and campus threat. Each emergency is prepared in step by step instruction. The paragraph format is used for staff members to review the situation during free time and is located in the student handbook. The bullet format is to be used, if needed, during an emergency and is generally located near the phones, intercom systems, and in the intramural and sport clubs supervisor binders.

Facility Action Plans Situational Action Plan
Recreational Eagle Center Information Counter Active Shooter On Campus Under review
Recreational Eagle Center Facility Announcements Active Shooter in the REC Under review
North Campus (Outdoor Fields) Fire and Extreme Weather           
Outdoor Sport Complex    



Part of the educational component of the emergency response training program is the use of videos to demonstrate how to respond and care for injuries as well as how to perform a red shirt review.  One of the most powerful videos includes the experience of a sudden cardiac arrest in the Recreational Eagle Center in January, 2010.  Thank you Clare Malinowski for allowing us to share your story!


The following paperwork is utilized in different ways throughout the department. Each form is unique to different situations. Your specific department will have to determine what forms need to be used and in what manner.

Accident Report Used to report all injuries occurring with Rec Sports. Found electronically on Connect2. Completed forms are reviewed by the ATC.  Major injuries require an immediate phone call to professional staff.    
Transportation Sheet Given to students upon leaving the facility unless transported by EMS; provides follow up care for worsening symptoms and transportation information.  Word  PDF
Moulage Moulage gives a more realistic sense to a red shirt review. Word  PDF


The UWL Recreational Sports Department was fortunate to present ERT information at the WIRSA state conference, Region III Lead-On, NIRSA national conference and the Athletic Business Conference in the past.  We were pleased to be joined by alumni staff members at both the Lead-On and NIRSA national conference. Below is a copy of the presentation and supplemental packet used at the national conference. The packet only contains a few examples for better visuals during the presentation.

NIRSA National Conference

PowerPoint Presentation       PowerPoint PDF
"Make it Happen" Booklet Booklet  

Athletic Business Conference

PowerPoint Presentation      PowerPoint             PDF