Congratulations on your new employee! We are excited to collaborate in this new partnership with you. This website provides you with all of the information you need to prepare for welcoming your new employee to the Eagle family. The Human Resources team is committed to helping you navigate through the onboarding process as easily and quickly as possible.

In the following sections, there is information about training through LinkedIn Training. The university maintains a limited number of seats for training through this program. Please contact your HR Partner for information on availability and access. 

Department Onboarding Information expanding section

Below are links to advice and suggestions from Human Resources for Supervisors at certain intervals of the new employee's onboarding.  

Your employee will be going through a series of onboarding tasks as well to get them ready in the payroll system and to introduce them to UW-La Crosse.  To view what your employee is seeing, click here

To monitor the status of your employee's onboarding, click here

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Obtaining the NetID, Email Address, and Employee ID Number expanding section

Supervisors/Department Chairs will receive notification of your new employee's Employee ID number, UWL email, and UWL NetID once it has been created.  Supervisors will be CC'd on the email to the employee.  The email will come from

Employee ID Number is a unique 8 digit number assigned to the University of Wisconsin System staff members.

UWL Email is configured through Office365 and the Outlook application.  Information on how to connect and configure Office365 applications can be found on the ITS Office 365 webpage

UWL NetID is a username to log into most UWL technology services including campus computers, wireless network & network authentication; WINGS, classroom technology podiums, library services, and more.  NetID is not the same as an email address. Although username is the same for both systems, they can store passwords (and password expiration) separately.  More information on NetID can be found on the ITS NetID webpage.

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Human Resources Activities During Onboarding expanding section

For department supervisors and support staff, here are the actionable items that HR is taking care of when onboarding your new employee:

  • Reviewing benefits specific to your new employee
  • Collect the signed appointment document
  • Confirming your new employee has received the criminal background check email (from HireRight) and the Sexual Harassment Reference Check email (from UW Shared Services) - if needed
  • If the employee's position requires, request for UW-La Crosse HR to receive the employee's official transcripts
  • Collection of the employee's personnel data to enter into our payroll system
  • Step-1 of the Employment Verification Process
  • Review policies related to ethical considerations in the workplace and disclosure of conflicts of interest
  • Review the employee handbook
  • Review required employee postings
  • Review safety, security, and privacy policies related to your position (this is inclusive of Mandatory Reporting, Information/Technology Security, FERPA, Sexual Harassment Prevention)
  • Providing the employee information on their NetID, Employee ID, and how to set up their e-mail address
  • Providing information to the employee on how to:
    • Set up their UW-La Crosse web directory  profile
    • Obtain their Eagle ID Card
    • Obtain a Parking Permit if needed
    • Set up their payroll direct deposit account
    • Review their tax withholding information
    • Take the required, mandatory employee compliance training
  • Reminding the employee to visit the Human Resources Office in-person to complete Step-2 of the Employment Verification Process.  
  • Provide limited introductions to the university.  Specifically an introduction to the mission, vision, values, strategic plan, traditions, and history

In addition, Human Resources will make a campus announcement in the HR Newsletter welcoming new employees and provide a slide to UComm for the campus display screens to welcome the new employee.

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Training Resources for Employees expanding section
UW-La Crosse Human Resources Training expanding section

Additional Information Coming Soon!

  • Benefits overview for new and current employees
  • MyUW Portal overview, including:
    • Pay Advice and Tax Statements
    • Performance Management
    • Time and Labor (Time Entry)
    • Absence Request and Reporting
    • Mandatory Employee Training 
  • UW-La Crosse/UW System Payroll Processing

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UW-La Crosse Software Program Specific Training expanding section

At the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, there are several commonly used software programs that are used by campus stakeholders.  Here is additional information on training you could choose to have your new employee engage in.  While some training is free, if registration or payment is needed, those actions are to be transacted locally by the hiring department.

Qualtrics XM

Quatlrics XM is the online, cloud-based software program used by UW-La Crosse for survey collection/research.  Faculty engage this product for research, while some departments use it to automate department requests, collect information from their faculty/staff, etc. 


Watch our expert-taught Adobe tutorials and learn Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, and more. Find out all about the Creative Cloud while exploring the many photography, design, video, and web development applications from Adobe.

From LinkedIn Learning: 

Zoom, WebEx, Teams

The university provides three different platforms for video conferencing, meeting, or team collaboration.  Click below for additional training information from LinkedIn Learning on:



Tableau is the program used for producing reports from the various systems that maintain and manage employee and student data on campus.  For additional training resources visit: 

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Department Specific Support, Training, and Resources expanding section
Academic Department Resources expanding section

To provide up-to-date practical information for chairs and university staff (Dean's Assistants, Academic Department Associates (ADAs), University Services Associates (USAs), etc.). In addition, the handbook focuses on the roles, responsibilities, and professional development of department chairs. 

To access these resources visit: 

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